New Zealand White Island volcano exhibits strong activity

January 22, 2013. As the Stuff, volcanic activity on the island of White (White Island) is the most "energetic" for the last year, and this may mean that a large explosive eruption inevitably, says GNS Science.

Vulcan, located off the coast of the Bay of Plenty (GoogleMap), Is the most active in the country, and showed signs of increased activity in the past year.

"But this is an increase of hydrothermal activity in the past three weeks, causing" considerable concern "," — says volcanologist Brad Scott. — "I do not think I saw something stronger since the late 90's and 2000's."

Then the activity of the volcano has led to a large eruption in July 2000.

"This hydrothermal activity is one of the most energetic I've seen on the island White for many years. It usually leads to strong eruptions and is a significant concern, "- said Scott.

But there is also a chance that the activity of the volcano can not stop.

The volcano poses no threat to the continent, as it is located 48 kilometers from the coast. But island White is a popular tourist attraction, boat trips and flights to the island — a daily reality. If an eruption, ash could reach the mainland and the Bay of Plenty, and local residents will also feel the smell of gas, says Scott.

Scott made his observations during a recent trip to the island of White. Hydrothermal activity in the small "hot lake" has increased, emerged a large number of ground rocks rising from the surface of bright white steam and gas. Scott says that this kind of activity is increasing since the end of 2012 and is now almost continuous. The lava dome, which was first discovered in late November, unchanged compared with the beginning of the month. Also recorded increased levels of seismic activity.

As usual, the volcano could explode, starting with a small event and without warning.

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