Nightingales mixed clock


16.06.11.S evening on the day moved their concerts solovi.I flown to Moscow is not the only one curious observation that ornithologists made during consideration of these birds.

As "MK" in the Russian Bird Conservation Union, the current account feathery tenor Muscovites took much longer than usual. This is due to the fact that the delayed arrival themselves nightingales — late spring forced them to stay in the warm countries. But at the capital's residents had the opportunity to listen to the scientific bird songs almost two weeks instead of three days — from May 22 to June 1.

During this time they had to make a few paradoxical findings. People have noticed that in the center of the capital was far more sweet-Ptah, than in years past. Perhaps this is due to the fact that along with the nightingales, which were nesting in Moscow, the capital of the detainee and migratory birds. In addition, and wildlife enthusiasts, and professionals, ornithologists have noticed that the Nightingale sing less at night.

But their voices are heard more and more often in the evening and even at midday. For example, in 2006, on a standard route accountant — TERLETSKY ponds specialists counted 26 bird songs, and this year, to account for the usual time — after nine at night — to their ears came the only one song. True, and in the afternoon there were few singers nmax — only 6 individuals.

While ornithologists can not explain why, in some areas there are fewer birds in Moscow, and in some — more. But at least this is partly due to the ecological situation in the city.

Source: MK.RU

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