Nobody, except Russia, India will not give modern military technology

Nobody, except Russia, India will not give modern military technology

The ninth international aerospace exhibition «Aero India 2013» (February 6-10, Bangalore) Russian delegation municipal special exporter of weapons and military equipment — of «Rosoboronexport» is guests and exhibitors new export standards of Russian aircraft and air defense systems, also discusses the promising directions of military-technical cooperation with India and other countries in the region.

«In cooperation with India de facto we have already defected from the buyer-seller relationship to joint development of new equipment successfully completed the first step in the engineering design sketched-fighter fifth generation, in accordance with the schedule and is working on a multi-purpose transport aircraft , there is a supersonic missile «BrahMos», which plans to integrate the Indian side in the Russian aviation complex — said Viktor Komardin, Deputy General Director of «Rosoboronexport», the head of the joint delegation of «Rosteh» Rosoboronexport and the exhibition. — Specifically, together with Russia, India is working on large-scale exclusive and mutually beneficial projects, which is explained very simply: no one, except the Russian Federation, India will not give modern military technology. «
Questions such projects will certainly be raised in Bangalore. In addition, the airshow is scheduled to continue discussing the forthcoming modernization program Su-30MKI fighters, which are expected to affect virtually all components of the aircraft.

More fundamental topic in the context of Russian-Indian military-technical cooperation is the realization of our party offset programs in broad cooperation with Indian partners also discuss the prospects of future development of cooperation in order to fulfill offset obligations in the MTC.

One of these projects, the prospects for the realization of which is expected to be determined by the Indian side, most recently, a program that offered under Rosoboronexport role in the tender for the supply of 197 helicopters, reconnaissance and surveillance. Uniqueness Russian proposal is that by its flight performance features a new multi-purpose helicopter Ka-226T quite suitable for solving customer problems identified, but just a very pretty for the Indian industry will be offered together with the Ka-226T offset programm.

Not deprived of attention and many other new products standards Russian military-industrial complex. Special attention to them based on the fact that our planes and helicopters proved themselves in the region, including successfully working for the benefit of the people of India for decades. A striking evidence of the highest trust and respect in India Russian aircraft was a parade to mark the days of the Republic, which opened in Russia made new military transport helicopters Mi-17V-5. Specifically, these helicopters was honored to carry the flag of India and municipal flags types of its armed forces.

In general, taking into account the characteristics of the regional arms market and based on the analysis of prospects for the future development of military-technical cooperation with India and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region, the delegation which arrived at the air show, Rosoboronexport was formed and its part of the Russian exposition.

In 2013, on the board of the company provides information on shipborne aircraft MiG-29K and MiG-29KUB combat training aircraft Yak-130 tanker aircraft Il-78MK-90, a new military transport plane Il-76MD-90A multirole aircraft the Be-200, Mi-35M, Mi-26T2, Ka-31 and Ka-226T, and many other new products swatches Russian aviation industry, including technical resources and training aircraft weapons.

Topical theme for the salon «Aero India 2013» and plans are the creation in India of air and missile defense, without which it is unrealistic talk about the present security of the country. According to the views of Russian exhibitors, this trend is very promising for the development of military-technical dialogue. Experience of in this area is varied, and therefore the perfect Bangalore reliable systems capable of guaranteed protection from air attack administrative and political centers and infrastructure nodes, military installations India: AAMS «Antey-2500», «Tor-M2E» and «Buk-M2E» also ZRPK «Armour-C1» MANPADS «Igla-S».

Agenda held in Bangalore talks and presentations very rich. As during the meeting in December 2012, Russian President Vladimir Putin and President of India Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, both sides emphasized the need for the progressive development of the upcoming special privileged strategic partnership on all major fronts, including military-technical cooperation, aerospace salon «Aero India 2013» will give a new impetus best relations of our countries in this field.

Of «Rosoboronexport» — only in Russian Federation municipal organization export the entire range of products, services and technologies of defense and dual-use comes in the corporation «Rosteh.» Rosoboronexport — one of the favorites of the global arms market. The company accounts for over 80 percent of Russian exports of weapons and military equipment. Rosoboronexport is the interaction of more than 700 enterprises and organizations of the Russian military-industrial complex. Geography of military-technical cooperation between Russia — more than 70 states.

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