Non-traditional birth

Non-traditional delivery.  Photo from

According to current recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) at birth, every woman has the right to choose any type of service in childbirth, which she prefers. It is understood that the pregnant woman can give birth at any suitable position for her (lying, standing, kneeling, squatting), both in the clinic and at home.

In Soviet times, all gave birth the same way: in public maternity hospitals in the state lying, under the supervision of midwives. Today, the situation with obstetrics in our country has changed markedly: all more are common pets and water delivery, and in hospitals are increasingly adopting "soft" natural childbirth with minimal stress to the mother and the child. In addition, there were clinics, practitioners vertical birth, which are considered more physiologic. Relatively new to the practice of our country — childbirth with her husband — have become available and are gaining in popularity.


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