North Dakota pour rain. Video


American cities are covered with water

26.06.11.Segodnya more than ten thousand people of North Dakota hastily leave their homes. All because of severe flooding, flooding several towns and became the worst in the history of the American state.

Due to heavy rains the river burst its banks Suris. The turbulent flows destroyed two dams and several road bridges. In Minot water rose to three meters, on the surface leaving only the roof of houses, according to NTV.

No better situation in the state of Missouri. There's a flood of variable strength continued for several weeks. Hundreds of people are still sheltering in school gyms. And in the next podtopilo Nebraska nuclear power plant. However, there is no threat to humans: for technical reasons reactors stopped in April.

Source: NTV

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25.06.11.V North Dakota is a mass evacuation. People take out of town Manayota. 12 thousand people have fled their homes. Local authorities to urgently erected dikes.

According to the forecast, in the next two days, some areas of the city can go under water for more than 4 meters. Neighboring towns already flooded. Almost throughout the state violated road and rail links. Cause floods of heavy rains.

Source: Channel Five

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