North Korea again looming famine


Kim Jong Ying calm — the international community will not allow the North Koreans to starve to death Photo: AP

25.03.11. UN warns that food supplies in North Korea at the end. Already in May, according to a statement by the World Food Programme (WFP), the country can come hungry.

Starvation would threaten a quarter of the population 24 millionth North Korea.
WFP, the world's largest humanitarian organization, which supplies each year to countries in need of about 4 million tons of food, the food supply has resumed in North Korea in 2006.

In the impending famine, according to experts organization guilty last year's flooding and foot and mouth disease, as well as an unusually cold winter.

The statement called on the international community to seek to North Korea 470,000 tons of food. On Monday, the delegation sent to Seoul runway, which will certainly try to better assess the food situation in the north of the peninsula.

After the announcement of sanctions resulting reluctance to curtail Pyongyang's nuclear program, food aid from the West has decreased, and last year's incident in the maritime border between North and South Korea was forced to Seoul, the main donor of North Korea to discontinue any north, including food aid .


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