North Koreas new favorite to share power with generals

North Korea's new leader to share power with generalsKim Jong Ynu — a brand new favorite of North Korea — will have to give some of the power the military, including his own uncle Jang Song Taku. As they say acquainted sources, this condition was put forward by the generals' Lofty successor "Kim Jong Irina.

As reported by The Daily Telegraph, military control of the Korean People's Democratic Republic, led by 65-year-old Jang Song Tuck, Kim Jong-law Irina already Kim Jong Ynu swore allegiance. With all of this source exclude the possibility of a military coup.

But since Kim Jong-un heir of his father was announced only in 2010, one-man rule, like Kim Jong Irina, the new head of North Korea will not be able to get. In part, will take the reins Military Council, which is headed by Jang Song So.

In addition, in the English edition, and explains why DPRK tests were conducted short-range missile immediately after the announcement of the death of Kim Jong Irina. According to sources, the tests were to serve as a warning to the United States from taking on the country imprudent decisions and steps. With all this to escalate the situation in the region does not want Pyongyang.

Recall, on December 17 a 70-year life of Kim Jong Il has died. The authorities have said about it only two days later. Cause of death of the North Korean favorite was a heart attack, which caused stress and overwork.

TV DPRK on Mon transferred mourning appeal on behalf of all authorities to the citizens of the country. In this appeal, Kim Jong-un was named successor and "dignified successor of his father." On the world stage, he appeared a little more than one year back and since then constantly was near his father in all official events.

After news of the death of North Korean favorite in adjacent countries prepared for the worst. For example, in South Korea's armed forces were put on alert overstated. Being prepared for unexpected situations the government has called the Land of the Rising Sun Yoshihiko Noda — the Prime Minister of this country.

But the United States is the news of the death of Kim Jong Irina, on the contrary, very happy. John McCain, the South American Republican senator, said that without this favorite world a better place. Mitt Romney, also a Republican, proposed to use the situation to change the regime in DPRK. McCain said that people of North Korea for more than 60 years living in the most rigorous criteria of the totalitarian regime. Now, according to the senator, there was a "historic opportunity" to connect the South Korean and North Korean people, thus strengthening security in the region. The founder of these transformations on the views of McCain, America must speak with the support of China.

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