Northern lights in Latvia. Photo. Video


Photo: Janis Satrovskis / Burtnieki, Latvia

2.03.11.Vo Tuesday March 1 as a result of unexpected magnetic storms in some places in the world, and is also in Latvia was seen severenoe shine.

As the portal, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration U.S. data, strengthening of ionized particles and the solar wind was first seen in March in the morning. During the day, the flow rate increased to 650 kilometers per second. Also increased the density of the particles, resulting in a magnetic storm began to drop out of the Arctic Circle in the middle latitudes.

Storm began suddenly, as the sun in recent days has been no outbreak. Experts explain the magnetic storm of March 1st coincidence of various factors.

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Photo: Janis Satrovskis / Burtnieki, Latvia

Photo: Janis Satrovskis / Burtnieki, Latvia

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