Norway wishes to make our home demolished its satellite station on Svalbard

As reported by «BarentsObserver», Norwegian governor Svalbard claimed the Russian Federation from the demolition of structures erected in Barentsburg, created to accommodate the stations receive data from satellites. May 15, he claimed to remove the mountain near Barentsburg three concrete foundations for satellite dishes, cable channels and also two container trailer.

It is reported that construction Russian satellite station began in the summer of last year of mandatory without permission from the governor, who is the representative of the supreme power in the archipelago. Governor stressed that the construction station began contrary to the fact that the municipal research institute Arctic and Antarctic, at one meeting was carefully informed about the need to obtain all required permits — before you start construction. By decision of the governor, said Research institute should follow the existing land use plan, according to which the area is busy recreation.

Recall that station admission is based in part of the strategy to ensure Russian presence on Svalbard, adopted in December last year. Edition «BarentsObserver» recognizes that appeared sensitive issue would be possible: for system design are located within the boundaries of Russian supplies of trust "Arcticugol."

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