Not a breast, and a fairy tale!

It's time to put the dream of the perfect breast in reality. Buy seductive shape and the desired breast size. One has only to wish for.

Make breast more sexy, increase or decrease its size — to become more attractive can any woman.

Many of the fair sex do not want to put up with unaesthetic features his chest. Women notice how over time the breast under the influence of gravity or after birth sag, lose their original beautiful shape.

Keep youth and eliminate any aesthetic error in the breast is possible with the help of modern techniques of aesthetic surgery.

Secrets of the Pros

A plastic surgeon is working on the female body as a sculptor, recreating the correct and harmonious contour, volume and shape of the breast.

The physician must not only be a real virtuoso of the business and have a wealth of experience, it must be also a sensitive esthete. These are the plastic surgeons working at the Center for Plastic Surgery ON CLINIC.

Plastic surgery(Surgery) can be performed with different objectives: the reduction or breast augmentation, removal of its asymmetry, ptosis by breast lift, correction of the nipple and areola.

As a rule, lead chest "in order" enable various combined techniques that are performed in a single operation.

Breast Augmentation

At breast augmentation applied arthroplasty. In this case, all the implants are chosen with great care for every woman because of its wishes. All implants used by plastic surgeons ON CLINIC, have quality certificates issued by leading international manufacturers.

The most important advantage of implants — unlimited service life. They allow you to freely explore the chest, to bear a child and nurse him breast milk. What is the specific formulation implant?

Thanks to modern technology breast augmentation surgery performed through small punctures. When it is complete there is almost no complications, recovery takes place in the shortest possible time.

Ability to enlarge breasts —a lifeline for women, which was removed, partially or completely, mammary gland as a result of cancer.

Breast Lift

Breast Lift (Mastopexy) vypolnyaetsyas order to make it aesthetically correct and harmonious appearance, eliminates the omission and the consequences of its expansion. In one operation can be adjusted its shape and size, as well as the reduced diameter of the areola. In some cases the problem can be solved implants.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) often carried out by objective medical reasons. Breast reduction surgery — the ability to avoid serious health complications.

It is often a result of displacement of the center of gravity can cause severe pain in various parts of the spine and other problems.

In such diagnosis, such as the breast, characterized by proliferation of breast tissue. And this is not a reason to rejoice.

The operation to reduce the volume of the breastaimed at the partial removal of subcutaneous fat, breast cancer, breast lift, areola reduction, etc.

Correction of the areola and nipple

Especially carefully conducted surgery to correct forms of the areola and nipple, drawn or excessively protruding. The operation does not affect sensitivity of this delicate area, fully preserved function of the breast.

Surgery to correct the areola and nipple microsurgical conducted by using a local anesthetic. No traces of the operation later remains.

As a result of the disposal of a woman — a chic bust and the pleasure of the achieved effect.

Reasons complexes

Very often causes psychological problems and complexes lie on the surface: a woman does not feel the appeal, shy of their individual characteristics, complex about age-related changes, etc. But all fixable!

Return the attractiveness of the breast, and a woman confidence, sensuality and sexuality will help plastic surgeons ON CLINIC.

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