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I urgently need a psychologist! Right now! Find me the best! So that, as Dr. Kurpatov! "Such or similar phrases regularly hear from their friends and acquaintances all people with tags" psychologist ", from either an innocent employee of the personnel department to teaching sports psychology.

When I finally wearied himself with such requests, I came up with a standard answer: "A psychologist may not be needed urgently. Urgently need a surgeon or a toilet. " This is not entirely true. Event of a crisis, when, for example, man is on the verge of suicide, or just experienced severe stress. Here the psychologist really needed urgently. There are no crisis situations, but also require immediate assistance.

But the problem is that finding a good psychologist, and to be precise — the therapist, it is extremely difficult.

I would go to psychologists

In Russia there is no institution of licensing of practicing psychologists. Professionals do not check on aptitude. Moreover, under the laws of the Russian psychologist has no right to engage in psychotherapy — a privilege psychiatrists. All he does is called a surprisingly vague word "counseling".

And since getting a license is not necessary, anyone can work as a psychologist, who has a diploma of specialization. Now let us remember that the psychologists in our country are preparing for humanities departments, where there is a nuisance, as the correspondence department.

Would you like to have operated surgeon extramural student in whose curriculum was not a single hour of practice? And after all psychologist-extramural student is not likely to cause less harm. Only the consequences are not so obvious, such a craftsman and much more difficult to sue.

How to prove the guilt of evil psychologist in long-term depression, or suicide attempt? This is not a good leg cut off and not the death of an abscess, where he immediately clear who screwed up, and that for him it would be.

In our country, a psychologist, who undertake to work with real people, in fact is not responsible for the outcome. To bring him to justice is almost impossible, he runs the risk of losing a license (because of her, and so not). In most cases, there is no control on the part of colleagues. It is only in the civilized western developed supervizorstva Institute: our colleagues observed by the process psihopomoschi, monitor ethical and "correctness" of the situation.

Take My Heart

Serious therapeutic technique in the hands of man, not prepared, like a machine in the paws of a gorilla. And often the more dangerous because they are afraid of a gorilla with a machine gun in advance, and the psychologist, on the contrary, is credible.

About many practicing psychologists can not even say that they willfully do not comply with the ethics of counseling. Because it is impossible to consciously break the rules, the existence of which you do not. For example, many psychologists are not even aware that they have no right to give advice to the client and must treat him as neutral, non-judgmental and do not approve of.

A particular problem is the work of a "transfer". Transfer — when in therapy client begins to experience a psychologist strong emotions (eg, hate), which in real life were aimed at very different people.

It is working with the "hyphenated" psychologist gets to most of the problems of the ward. But the result is often wins the love of his death in itself, not because it was "large and bright feeling," just worked "transfer". Psychologists often unscrupulous advantage of this, and in Russia with impunity.

In Europe and America, such "expert" would have lost its license, and then would get to court, because the state took advantage of the helpless customer. Only we can continue to exist peacefully center under the guidance of a psychologist (Nikolai Kozlov), who in one of his books mentions about the affair with the girl, he held training sessions.

I work just a wizard

In addition to possible problems with the undereducated psychologists or, on the contrary, with such all-knowing, that would be better not taught, there is a problem of expectations of potential customers.

The fact that the image of the psychologist heavily mythologized. Many even quite intelligent people think that psychologist — A doctor, which will make a pill or procedure, and your soul will be fine. Of course, in Hollywood movies is what usually happens, but in real life — very rare.

What is more frequent problem, which come to a psychologist, formed over the years, and for one or two sessions, not only can not solve it, but even to understand what it is. Need long-term work, and often request (the purpose for which the client was a psychologist) changes in therapy.

There is a therapeutic parable. To shrink a woman comes and says, "You know, it's very important to understand what happened to me. I do not care how much it will take time. We'll work one, two, three, but after all these years, you can tell me what happened to me, really? "To which her analyst says," If you do it will still be necessary, therefore, for all these years we have been working for nothing. "

The myth of the omnipotence of psychologists actively supported media. What cost the program "All the doctor will decide Kurpatova" to "home" (and the new project "Doctor Kurpatov" on Channel)!

The transfer lasts half an hour, there come people with serious problems. When viewing the impression that they really get a huge relief. After that, viewers are coming to the real psychologists need to solve the real problems in thirty minutes. And very surprised when a psychologist, in their opinion, does not behave correctly. Not talking about himself in the third person ("Who doctor Kurpatov you draw a mouse "), does not call in the conversation themselves" doctor "does not speak twice its customers, does not give advice.

Psychologists we are unaccustomed to the people. They are associated primarily with psychiatrists, and, in general, "then I'll go to them? I'm that crazy or what? '. It would seem that such programs should dispel stereotypes and encourage people to turn to professionals. But in reality it is rather counter-advertising: it was a very large number of disaffected mismatch between reality and myth. As a result, many people in need of psychological help, can not get it because of a catastrophic misunderstanding of therapy.

Harmful and so-called "psychological bestsellers" (book by the same doctor Kurpatova which he claims to be, like a machine gun). On the one hand, they support the myth of psychologists, as all-knowing oracles. On the other hand, cause direct harm — motivate people to self-medicate or, alternatively, to refuse professional help, give advice on all occasions, following which people often find themselves in questionable situations.

So, what you wanted to know about psychology, but were afraid to ask.

1. In counseling and therapy, there are different trends (psychoanalysis, Gestalt, existential — their name is legion). Which one is right for you, is impossible to say in advance. A good therapist is usually owns several techniques and will be able to choose the right one.

2. Not every psychologist is suitable to the client. It's like in sports: like an athlete capable, and coach honored — many champions in the conclusion — and nothing they have not, will not work. If one particular psychologist, you do not have a relationship, it is necessary not to give psychological support, and look for another specialist.

3. It is better that the psychologist was something that would change the license in our wild. For example, evidence of a solid institution o
f postgraduate education (preferably in psychoanalysis or clinical psychology), recommendations from people credible (note: expensive advertising and a stunning price for the visit are not recommended!), The availability of scientific papers (known in the professional environment specialist will not to risk their good name.)

4. Working with a psychologist — is first of all your work. And it will not always pleasant. It is often painful moments are an indication of the productivity of therapy.

5. A professional psychologist does not give advice, so the query (target) with which you come, do not be formulated in the style of "Doctor, tell me what to do."

6. Still, you owe to yourself to formulate a request (goal) that you yourself are concerned, what issues you would like to handle? Work without asking — hard and inefficient. As a result, the first few months of your work will be spent exclusively on its wording.

Jinnah Litinskaya

Magazine "Be healthy"

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