Number of deer on the Kolyma under threat of death due to snowfall


© RIA Novosti. Alexander Liskin

Magadan, April 4 — RIA Novosti, Lyudmila Shcherbakov. Kolyma authorities established an emergency food delivery in North Evensky district region was threatened with starvation death of a herd of deer, which, after heavy snow can not get to their main food — natural moss moss, told RIA Novosti on Monday, Head of the Department of Agriculture of the administration of the North- Evensky district of Magadan region Gennady Novikov.

"The reindeer brigades delivered nearly two tons of feed. Another five tons on the way. We carry food on temporary winter roads by snowmobile. The road is difficult, but this week the second batch of feed will be delivered "- a spokesman said.

According to him, mixed fodder, mineral supplements, salt and their delivery area spent about one million rubles. In reindeer brigades fear that the situation with the lack of food can affect the health of the herd.

According to RIA Novosti director of the largest in the Kolyma reindeer brigades "Irbychan" Anatoly Hanchalan, deer herds graze in the forest, where high snow cover, so animals can not get clock to moss, the situation is dire.

"From about April 10 in reindeer herds begin calving and deer are hungry, so take immediate action in order to get healthy offspring" — said the agency interlocutor.

According to the administration of Magadan region, the number of deer herd is growing, now in Kolyma more than 21 thousand deer. Over the past 15 years, population has increased three-fold. Commercially venison in Kolyma until harvest, the main task of herding brigades — increase the number.

In Kolyma act as the regional target program "Development of reindeer" and "support of the indigenous peoples of the North." For every new deer farm gets the money. This stimulates the development of the economy. In addition, the 120 head for the economy "Irbychan" purchased in the neighboring republic of Sakha-Yakutia.

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