Numerous failures of soil in Canada

Karst holes

27.05.11.Inzhenery and geologists studying dozens of deep holes in the northern outskirts of the city of Quebec City this week, encourages local residents to move to safer places. On Wednesday, the district administration Charlesbourg where there were about 40 holes in the ground were given instructions to evacuate residents of 15 houses.

Experts consider the failures that have emerged in the area of Quebec Charlesbourg's. (Radio-Canada)

Failures of soil formed at different distances from each other, the width of craters from 5 to 8 meters diameter, depth of the deepest of which approximately 5 meters.

Spokesman for the Public Relations Muazan Francois says:
"In the area of failure is nothing, no trees or communications, but you see a lot of holes, some deeper than others and this is not the norm, and puzzles us. Experts conduct tests and analysis of soil in the affected areas with the help of special tools and devices. Local residents encouraged to leave this place, but this measure is an additional, but not necessarily. About 40 people have taken the recommendations wisely and has temporarily relocated to the hotel because of the risk of further deterioration of the situation. "

"I prefer to the end of the week to spend time in the hotel, given that the forecast is rain"-said resident Jonathan Roussel Charlesbourg korresponduntu Radio-Canada

Who is not able to leave their homes, prompting the service of the Red Cross
Some residents, such as Pierre Bourdieu, willing to take risks and stay home
"I looked around the house, found no cracks, water in the basement either, so why should I leave?" — He said in an interview with "Radio Canada"

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