Nurgaliev: will be stopped by any stock, inadequate law

Rashid Nurgaliyev (Interior Minister) said that the police ordered to stop at the root of all samples of illegal actions in the Russian Federation.

At the meeting of staff to ensure order on Friday, Nurgaliyev said: "Any samples of illegal activities and violations of the order, must be prevented by ATS employees in accordance with the law, and all the guilty brought to justice."

As reported by RIA announcements, most of the shares in St. Petersburg and Moscow were permitted by the authorities.

It is clear that in Russia since December 5, held numerous protests over the elections in State Duma. On Monday in the capital, near the Unsullied ponds, held meeting (Allowed) opposition directed against election fraud. The demonstration ended with a march (unauthorized) in the direction of the Lubyanka, so that about 300 people were detained. The next day (Tuesday), the opposition organized a regular unauthorized meeting in Triumph Square. The acquired data actually detained 300 people.

It should be noted that on Saturday (December 10), in the city center is scheduled planned large-scale meeting the role of people who disagree with the results of the elections in State Duma.

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