OAO PO Refinery equips the Russian army with modern opto-electronic means of observation

In the framework of a state contract with the Defense Ministry before the end of the year enterprise supply more 250 laser rangefinder ballistic computer LMD 2VK, more 250 night vision monocular and PN-21K more 150 thermal imaging monoculars PT-2.

As stated in the press-service of JSC "PO" Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant "in the Russian army had long expected such devices, because in an active manner in the program of the company included a paragraph on the need rapid development of advanced optoelectronic devices, which are in their tactical Technical features correspond to a specimen of the leading global manufacturers of optoelectronic means of close combat.

To ensure the production of advanced and promising samples optoelectronic enterprise funds were invested significant funds in the modernization of production.

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