Obama announced the end of military operations in Iraq

President Barack Obama in his own appeal to civilization announced the termination of the active phase of the military operation in Iraq, reports RIA announcements. Head Snow-white houses said that in the upcoming United States should concentrate its efforts on rebuilding the economy and fight unemployment.

"Operation "Iraqi Freedom" is over, and the Iraqi people at the moment is solely responsible for the security of the country "- said Obama. As the president, He will work to strengthen the middle class in the country, improving the education system and increase the competitiveness of the U.S. economy. "We need to provoke innovation that posodeystvuyut create new products on conveyors, welcome entrepreneurial activity. This will be hard, but at this point it should be our primary concern, and I'm responsible for that as president," — said the head Snow-white houses.

President United States stressed that fulfilled a campaign promise to end the war in Iraq. It is reported that before the appeal to the civilization Obama called the former head of white houses, George W. Bush, who has decided to send troops to Iraq. The content of the conversation were not disclosed.

Recall that South American troops entered Iraq in March 2003, under the pretext that the regime of Saddam Hussein, weapons of mass destruction. Facts, evidence supporting the suspicion so far not been found. Altogether during the military operation killed 4,421 thousand soldier and about a thousand civilian professionals from the United States. By the time the true withdrawn from Iraq 90 thousand U.S. troops. The remaining 50 thousand fighter will stay in the country until 2012.

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