Obama booed Invaders Wall Street

Obama booed "Invaders Wall Street"In the United States, the parties'Occupy Wall Street"Was booed president Barack Obama. He decided in the state of New Hampshire to give a speech as part of the pre-election tour, but in the room apart from his followers were, and others. Obama's composure quite rapidly led the audience in a sense, and he managed to keep the audience's attention. President The United States has promised to take into account the interests of the broad masses, including the participants'Occupy Wall Street. "

Obama acknowledged that unemployment and financial problems of many inhabitants of the United States denied the faith in the "South American dream." According to Obama this to beat. But in the coming days to be President beat with congressional Republicans. A special congressional committee can not be decided at whose expense will decrease the budget deficit. Compromise necessary to achieve a future date. In the unlikely event budget will be cut by machine — thus equally at the expense of social and military spheres, TV channel "Russia-24".

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