Obama on Israel and Syria

In order to completely undermine the Middle East, does not make a lot of revolution and unrest in the Arab world, there is one more powerful "mine" — is Israel. And in recent years provocations against him became even more often, the benefit of vulnerabilities he has a lot of friends and there is little, even with neutral-friendly Turkey and then managed to fall out.

U.S. President Barack Obama said on May 19 speech on the Middle East, claimed control of Israel to return to 1967 borders, in other words, just review the results of the so-called "Six Day War". And it's for a few days before arriving in the United States of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama said: "The U.S. is convinced that as a result of the talks should be formed by two of the country and established immutable Palestinian border with Israel, Egypt and Jordan, and the continued border between Israel and Palestine. "boundary between with 2 states, on the views of the South American president, should take place on the strip in 1967.

Israel reacted instantly, Binyamin Netanyahu categorically rent the claims of the U.S. President on the 1967 borders, because it threatens the security of the Jewish state of the country, in addition to to be returned, according to the views of the Obama territory home to several 10-s of thousands of people in Israel. B Netanyahu said that "the viability of a Palestinian government can not be cast to the detriment of the viability of the world's only Jewish state."

The proposal was supported by Washington almost immediately in the European Union, the EU high representative for foreign affairs and security policy Catherine Ashton said that the EU "warmly welcomed" Obama's proposal. Officially supported the initiative of the U.S. France, Germany, Poland.

Obama paid once the "impact" and on Syria, Obama said that the head of Syria's Bashar Assad must lead his government to democracy, or "out of the way." Even before this speech, the United States and EU imposed sanctions against Syria — "frozen" accounts-Assad and senior officials of the country, have also introduced a ban on their race. Syria is subjected to sanctions and criticized the U.S. president's speech dubbed "incitement." The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) said that the United States intervene in the internal affairs of Arab countries, including Syria.

Background: The Six-Day War (June 5 — June 10, 1967), this war Israel against Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Algeria. In this war, Israel won a decisive victory in the first day or destroying a large part of the Air Force enemies, and then defeating their troops. Were captured the Sinai Peninsula, Gaza Strip, West Preserving the Jordan River, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

In connection with these statements that "smell" new wars and a lot of blood, because there are issues involved are very unhealthy for both Jews and Arabs, with Jerusalem a question which is worth. We can remember one very exciting fantastic book Yu Nikitin: "The Last Castle". There's plot is based on the fact that the globalization of American-ends and "last stronghold" on the road "New World Order" was Israel. Jews living in Israel, most of them do not have to be a "mafia", outcasts without a homeland and death stood up against the United States itself that's the "last bastion". In the end, Israel destroyed all the power "of the international contingent." Jews need to "blow off on a mustache" — Israel "international conspiracy" is no longer needed, it's just the beginning …


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