Obama, Putin, Romney: 3rd — excessive

They say that Barack Obama, the U.S. president, not only looks into the mouth Russian President Vladimir Putin, but even Crouch in front of him. And in answer gets at best slightly perceptible nod correct way go, comrade. Yet there are indications that previously Comrade Obama worshiped only Franklin D. Roosevelt, now in the reddish Rounded corner cabinet first black president of America started a portrait of Vladimir Putin. The West believes that there is every indication that Obama is not only taking a cue from Russia's own idol, and intends to build in the U.S. totalitarian system of control, taking as reference artful denial and suppression of human rights and freedoms, as if produced by the Russian authorities.

For all this, comrade Obama suspected political rivals in the secret work of the Kremlin, ruthlessly and brutally criticized by opponents of the U.S. official opposition camp, I mean Republicans.

In 1-x, criticism of the current president said that he knowingly contacted the "Arab spring": after all, the ultimate coup Islamists come to power, for whom friendship with the United States ideologically impossible. Barack Obama simply can not grasp. Well, in Libya, he climbed in the past year without the approval of Congress, which to this day causes a storm of criticism: not so long ago in Libya destroyed the ambassador and three more of the American people and burned Consulate General in Benghazi. Obama is now the rumor of air strikes, one Islamic group — "Ansar al-Sharia" (very secret), but it's like waving fists after the fight. Obama leads or trusting faith in the triumph of democracy and the momentary introduction of American values in any country where Western bombs fell and was killed by the local "dictator", or Obama — or lurking Islamist, the very little fellow Islamist sympathizer. Beats by a Taliban in Pakistan Pentagon and CIA once applied clumsily, more peaceful inhabitants are killed, which just against Islamists (see, eg., The results of the respective studies conducted independently from the white house). And "Al-Qaeda" and just today aims at in Syria, similar to South American. Hillary Clinton says that is not, of whom there is "opposition", but it just says that she does not want to admit it, one in particular Washington diligently helps. Last assist the Syrian opposition from the white house, by the way, is reflected in the amount of 45,000,000 dollars. Not a penny, right? .. In addition, the attraction of Obama and his team to Islamism and its radical authoritarian favorites is completely miscible with its general course on totalitarianism. Roosevelt and Putin, which respects Obama — on universal beliefs of the West — the autocrats, if not totalitarians and supporters-planetary gulag. These are the same and Islamic favorites, among which sits in one Teran, a "democratic elections", which are now sometimes happen in the countries of the "Arab Spring", only a screen for narrow-minded townsfolk, do not let those grasp the simple fact that just elections that and bring to power radical Islamists, as happened in Egypt with the "Muslim Brotherhood" and Mr Morsi. Gaddafi, who spoke on terror, and a man of Bashar al-Assad — on the contrary, are not Islamists. First year earlier killed and a second Obama and Clinton are trying to overthrow — only because he not stifle human rights and freedoms in Syria. So Obama's attraction to Islamism is completely understandable: the president of America loves everything authoritarian and totalitarian. Bin Laden's liquidation is possible to explain and to tap the public eye from the present state of affairs, and the rating "ochkom" in front of this very public, sometimes turning into the electorate. Bin Laden was old and out of your mind. Even wrote that he regretted the killings and called to find other, more humane methods for transformation of the planet in the peaceful village of Sharia. Or is it — al-Zawahiri, the ideologue of the "Arab Spring" and the enemy of Bashar al-Assad.

Well, the last touch — a picture with the elections. "On the streets of the electorate Obama — written in the press — was visible to the naked eye. It's all no more indigenous blacks, descendants of slaves, and the newcomers negros from Africa, Pakistanis and Afghans. On the streets and in public places came lady wearing hijab. A year earlier, they were not. On the streets became dirtier. In particular, this breathtakingly for Washington. Litter, priemuschestvenno, "Obama's new Americans."

Is not all this proves conclusively that Obama — an Islamist?

In 2-x Obama's eagerness to dictatorship and totalitarianism proved a number of his actions at the head of the country, or, on the contrary, failure to act.

He did not close Guantanamo jail known where wholeheartedly working day and night to torturers. Average totalitarian inaction aimed at preserving the lawlessness and lack of freedom.

Comrade Obama has also approved in 2011 in the U.S. so called Empowering Act of National Defence, who handed over "anti-state affairs" in the experienced hands of the representatives of the army or the security services, who shot clean and with these cases the legal function. The new law allows for life to be detained at least some rights, including the South American citizen. To imprison a person in jail, according to this law is only necessary government approval for that here these and those comrades — the terrorists or spies. Average totalitarian stranglehold of the rights and freedoms of the American people as well as visiting fellows.

Obama even went so far as to his totalitarian threw America, coupled with its values. Yes, exactly so consider the South American journalists. It was he, and not Putin, made sure that the radio "Freedom" lost in Russia licensed frequencies. "What Obama has done in response? — Writes journalist Kim Ziegfeld. — He designed outdo Putin and closed the "Radio" Liberty ", which literally served as the voice of America in Russia." In the end, he was "deprived of 10's of thousands of radio listeners in Moscow alone access at least to some vague hint of the truth. Russian democracy advocates were deeply shocked and condemned shall be conducted by Obama's policy of appeasement, saying that he threw not only their trust, and South American values. "

And all because Obama — not a supporter of democratic values, but also a big fan of authoritarian systems of government. Radio station "Freedom" spread the values are not the same, what would advocate lusted comrade Obama, who is up and sees how the United States transformed into integrated steel Russian republic of power — and that they have something to most of his death, like someone LI Brezhnev, he ruled, Comrade Barack.

B-3, Islamist and totalitarist Obama to quickly turn America into a developed socialism, on purpose to grow the U.S. debt to 16 trillion dollars, and not so long ago and started a printing press Fed which stamps securities on 40000000000. dollars per month. All this, as already recognized economists, will cause an inevitable surge in inflation. Next necessarily follow a socialist revolution that will lead the secret Obama appointees — precisely speaking, Barack Obamkina Fedorovich, former A-student Institute. Patrice Lumumba, Lenin's fellow, then Lieutenant of State Security, and now the president of the United States.

And that revolution is defeated, through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Obama has purchased for future fighters with South American values is one million four hundred thousand rounds of ammunition, including expansive and even those that penetrate the wall. Also bought a few 10 s of thousand
s of rounds of ammunition for sniper rifles. And DHS purchased fireproof booth checkpoints and special equipment.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney, Obama's rival in the presidential elections (held every other month), completely condemn all the ideas held in the life of Comrade Obama. This makes sense: the state of Mr. Romney — 230 million dollars. Romney and Obama — It's like Capriles and Chavez in Venezuela. Because we, Russian, should be rooting for Obama, but with Romney, whose main slogan — "Russia — U.S. geopolitical enemy number one", it is obvious out of the way.

Romney — not the kind of person who would worship Putin and even Roosevelt Brezhnev. He decides to do everything to worship him. Official foreign applets Romney published his campaign staff, serves as a "strategy to ensure long-term interests and standards of America", a popular yet under the title "The American Century." From this document it can be deduced that, sitting in the presidential chair, Romney "will reset reset." It implements a strategy that "will discourage the Russian Federation to behave in a brutal manner or expansionary and will support it in the political and economic reforms."

So. If today is not enough to those who believe, not counting the deaf rabid fanatics that Russia through intermediaries deftly controlled puppet masters in Washington, then Mitt Romney lust in this direction from a weak faith to go to the facts. After his victory in the elections economic reforms in Russia will not engage in the Economic Development Ministry and the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the State Department will implement reforms in the Russian political spaces associated with the historical definition of the boundaries (Kurils — residents of the country of the rising sun, Kaliningrad — the Germans). Gold in store will go to the Central Bank of Romania, which is not enough to be completely happy just ninety three tons of gold, cash in store will go to Lithuania and Latvia as compensation for the occupation during the second world war, and the Estonians who prefer to live product money, cut down forests in the Novosibirsk region, on the first time they have enough. In exchange, the EU unanimously recognizes the legitimacy of the new political entity — the United States, the Ural-Siberian.

Cover the complete and final victory over the hydra Russian totalitarianism in Russia is only one radio station — "Freedom", the first of which will be broadcast to the uprooting of the Russian language, the word "comrade" and emergency replacement of this appeal to the "Mr." and "Miss" and "Mrs. . "

During the eight years that Mr. Romney is going to take place in the presidential chair, Russian accustomed to call each other Yankees. Changing the flag and the anthem will be held and quite unnoticed. However, Russia's long-term will still be read with the bear accent …

What kind of plans, if not about these dreams secured and power-hungry Romney? Where it will create 12,000,000 jobs promised, if not in Russia — because of all of America, not counting military production, has long been exported to China, including Romney's former company itself? (By the way, under Obama the number of jobs in the U.S. since 2010 has increased by 2.5 million).

Republican candidate may very well aware of the fact that Obama is the right and the Kremlin recognizes only fair totalitarian doctrine that would "seek to resist the authoritarian practice of Russian leadership." To do this, it will take "additional useful steps" at the invitation of Russian favorites civilian society organizations in the United States on exchange programs when necessary in order to "help to increase their credibility and arm them thinking that they will be able to return to share with fellow countrymen." Eight years, Mr. Romney fully enough — so he must have thought. Gorbachev and in fact had the least time.

But Obama knows how to prevent the encroachments of the Republicans. After winning the elections, it will destroy the dollar inflation, the Fed will cover shop, dissolved Congress, rebuked the Republican Party, apply the decree of March 16, which gives the president unlimited possibilities perceive as the national currency ruble, dissent will send corrected in prisons and expropriators tip the expropriation and other words, saying the usual and understandable language of Lenin, rob the robbers. Among those members of the bourgeoisie, who lives in a brand new structure raspberries will not seem to get and multimillionaire Mitt Romney. Experienced craftsmen from Guantanamo, taught by George W. Bush, explain it to him the policy of the party.

Patrick Buchanan believes that the United States only to hold out until 2025. He's probably right.

By the time America will be part of the new Soviet Union under the title Russian Socialist Republic of South American and totalitarian comrade Obama will take the position of General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Democratic Party.

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