Obama rushed, so as not to give Ukraine a go east

Specifically, in these days of almost all solved prospects of "European integration" of Ukraine.

"For the U.S., the worst thing — if there is integration of Ukraine into the Customs Alliance and the single economic space, and they will start working in full-scale. That's why Obama and suddenly rushed for all the summit in Poland (XVII summit of the Central European countries in the last days of the Polish capital. — Comm. KM.RU) ». Such a world view expressed in an interview From-UA recognizable Ukrainian politician, a favorite of the Progressive Socialist Party Natalia Vitrenko.

Recall that it is in these days are almost all solved the problem, "European integration" of Ukraine. Now, that is, holding talks in Brussels between the First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Andriy Klyuyev and EU Commissioner for Trade Karel De Gucht. Ukrainian political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko, even refers to this — still preliminary — a crucial round of talks. Specifically, there is likely a political decision will determine whether another round of talks next month successful or not, he said in an interview From-UA. And based on the previously stated positions, the EU will have to sign a contract with Ukraine on a free trade area (FTA) or this year, or never — there's nowhere further delay, he said. Or June — and the signing of the fall, or …

A fact that "or"? So if in fact categorically things with this issue seems Mr. Fesenko? And that bodes Ukraine signing or not signing the declaration with the EU in June? Such questions put to them by respondents before the publication of professionals.

Natalia Vitrenko convinced that the June talks Ukraine's joining the FTA will not last. "The June talks can not be the last, because after Poland will manage the EU, of course, the negotiations will get a boost, and they will certainly last. I think it is in this sense was hidden talks Obama and Yanukovych. When the summit in Poland they were alone, I think that Obama gave assurances that Ukraine under no circumstances should go for integration with Russia, and it will be integrated into the EU. As can be seen, the U.S. will put pressure on Europe, that this integration has been made, so that the status of an FTA with the EU, Ukraine has been granted, "- says Vitrenko.

"As for the prospects of a free trade area — she continues — getting away from the reality will not work. Even if the issue is resolved (very clear that Europe is at your own dilemmas on it goes), then it will not improve the situation in Ukraine. Ukraine's economy will be even more traumatized because our homeland, Belarus and Kazakhstan will close its borders to it, and the FTA with Europe will not save us. "

Sufficiently vague idea of the prospects, "European integration" Ukraine and Rada deputy Taras Chornovil. He devotes his attention to the fact that the agreements on free trade zone with the EU and the Association — in fact two different documents, it is unclear why the presidency of Leonid Kuchma combined into one package. "These talks could lead to a complete end of which is connected to the FTA. There, in my opinion, have remained unsaid in chemistry and metal, and for those items you can find a common position, which more or less will satisfy both sides. But the document is almost ready to be signed, be deferred until the moment when Ukraine declared ready to sign a contract of association "- explains the policy.

The contract is an association — a profound document that provides compliance standards and principles that apply in the EU. He opens a clear path to a visa-free travel, in-depth role in EU projects and in making certain decisions. "In this second document we have at the moment can be very severe difficulties. The fact that in the 1-x, we lose in our lobbies EU. Second problem — it question implementation of justice, repression, etc. As long as these tasks will not be removed, it is clear that the contract of association with us, no one will sign, and without Ukraine, unfortunately, can not sign a separate contract about the FTA. This is — a very flawed point that we used for a special rate, which has not been applied to any other country ", — stressed Chornovil.

Avoids specifics about the prospects, "European integration" of Ukraine and Verkhovna Rada deputy from the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, Alexander Hudyma. According to him, which results in From-UA, it is — so tough questions that they better not even say out loud. "That will be all about — and later activated Our homeland, which own the other day of the presidential election will be required to detain all voters. And the next step would be negotiations that our homeland is to promise something Ukraine … This is — an endless topic, "- he said.

Do not breathe optimism and a representative of the Communist Party of Ukraine Yevhen Car'kov. "I do not think that will happen this year, a big step towards European integration as foreign policy vector control and the Foreign Ministry, and the president is like Kuchma's strategy: nowhere is there a specific answer to any of Russia nor the EU", — he said. MP sees this is a positive thing, as the aim of the EU, he said, must be on an equal and mutually beneficial criteria. Hence — the need for contacts with the EU to use most of the positive relations with Russia, as well as the EU, and they say our homeland with Ukraine only in the language of ultimatums, all doomed to remain as is.

"Ukraine must choose a positive with 2-sides. And friends against anyone it would be inappropriate and stupid. Because, I think, is necessary to maintain such balance. This — not a failure and did not achieve: I think it is — a wise position than given in the arms of the EU, as one business — cooperation, and more — absorption. What we offer Europe, it is equivalent to the boa constrictor absorbs rabbit "- says Car'kov.

But political analyst Viktor Nebozhenko believes that hinder the success of the negotiations "can lower the activity of our diplomacy Foreign Ministry, which does not have a concept concerning Ukraine's place in the world. On the one hand, they are in active diplomatic activities alliance with Moscow, and on the other hand, are negotiating with the EU. " The expert believes that this omnivorous does not add optimism negotiators from the European side. "In this situation, the EU and especially nothing to hurry up with the state, which is not able to appreciate his attention. And our homeland intensively delays Ukraine. Because in fact the process will last a long time "- results From-UA forecast Nebozhenko.

Meanwhile, Americans of Ukrainian descent (such as in the U.S., there are over a million people) need to click on a South American government of Viktor Yanukovych. Ukraine after all — a "strategic partner" of America, they resemble. Because, they say, the U.S. and the need to make "appropriate measures to ensure the protection of freedom in Ukraine, also those whose rights and freedoms civilians … violated. " With such an appeal to the South American authorities turned Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA). Representatives of the UCCA worried at first arrest of ex-premier Yulia Tymoshenko and other Ukrainian politicians have passed under Yanukovych in opposition. In a statement, the committee notes that for the first year of Yanukovych's presidency, his administration turns "to prosecute members of the opposition and the civilian activists who support the preservation of Ukrainian national identity."

Yanukovych himself meanwhile instructed the government "to celeb
rate" the dates associated with the collapse of the Russian Union. And for this year, it is worth recalling falls rich "harvest" of all kinds of anniversaries, owe their birth as the disintegration of the Soviet Union times.

First is, of course, the 20th anniversary of Ukraine's independence (24 August 1991). "The 20th anniversary of independence, we should note worthy, — said Yanukovych. — And the activities that we carry out, must pass at the highest level. " Yanukovych also said that this year marks the 20th anniversary of "a number of other fundamental events associated with the acquisition of our independence." This is the anniversary of the municipal flag raising (24 July 1991) and the anniversary of the All-Ukrainian referendum (1 December 1991).

"Everything that has been achieved in the 20 years of independence — these were actions of the approval of our Ukrainian country in the world … These dates are, of course, are signed", — said Yanukovych.

That's it "firmly established" for 20 years, the government own lives anniversary year — Naprashivayas on equitable integration into Europe (the one true equality in Ukraine denies), disagreeing on joining the Customs Union and Common Economic Space, and not giving up the integration of "the East" … In short, meets anniversary of independence, desperately trying to sit on 2-chairs.

Moscow, however, has given Kiev realize that he will have to choose — or CU and the CES, or FTA, immediately, "two mothers suck" at Ukraine this time will not work. Well, in Brussels and Washington also require certainty. So the "entrenched" Ukraine will have to make a choice.

And if he is in favor of an FTA with Europe, Ukraine can not see all of the benefits (reduced fees, open markets, etc.), which she did at the moment — more to being a member of the Customs Union and Common Economic Space, and is not yet in the FTA — has with the eastern vector integration. What are the benefits of promises Ukraine Brussels if it joins the FTA while rejecting CU and CES, to say precisely until nobody can. In the reference, of course, Brussels would that Ukraine was happy just by the very fact of "European integration" — without any real guarantees from the EU, which would offset any harm from the loss to the "eastern" markets. But Ukraine was "chaff", it seems, is not up to snuff. So that the EU will have one way or another fork.

Here are just a means to "European integration" of Ukraine in Brussels at the moment — a crisis, but! — No. Under these criteria "evrointegratory" of the EU can not even think of before exposure to Moscow — so that she does not "punish" Kiev is strictly superfluous (excessive administration fees, closing markets, etc.) for entry into the FTA. In this case, "evrointegratorov" would have been just a great song: Ukraine to be quite come off of, in this case for this gap would have to pay our own homeland.

However, such an option still very unlikely … although in the mandatory structures of, agree that there are people who would have given him consent — for the sake of maintaining the "friendship with the West." And so the "European integration" of Ukraine promises to the country a lot of problems.

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