Obama will send a fighter to their homeland

Not so long ago, Barack Obama decided to send a detachment of Uganda 100 U.S. military to fight against religious extremism in the face of the group "Lord's Resistance Army", led by the self-proclaimed "prophet" and the military offender Joseph Stallions. May be holding the fighting on the ground four countries — the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Central African Republic and South Sudan.

It is assumed that South American men will not take a specific role in combat operations, taking a gun only in "self-defense". According to the President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, the country's own forces rather because of the participation of the Yankees in the fighting can not be considered.

In this connection, imposes the conclusion that the real aim of the U.S. is imminent increase troops and the establishment of control over the territories, which lie on the new oil pipelines. It seems that Washington is trying to take control of oil export routes out of the South Sudan, that will work in most recent times. Recall that South Sudan — growth on the world map, is separated from Sudan In July of this year. Americans for decades in a row in the international community pushed the idea of the creation of a sovereign Southern Sudan, supporting the supporters of independence in the conduct of civilian war in Sudan. With all of this president Sudan Omar al-Bashir was declared an Islamic radical, sponsoring international terrorism.

In Southern Sudan has major oil fields previously one of Sudan. Modern oil comes from the South to the North to Port Sudan. And when an alternative southern route Muslim North Sudan will lose large amounts that the country is at the moment for the transit of oil through its territory.

There is, but the sight of the three main prerequisites for joining the Yankees in Africa: the first version of most of the ordinary, we are already actually sounded — a version of the United States to continue the fight for oil.

Second version belongs to the chairman of the Islamic Committee of Russia Heydar Jemal. In his interview with the website "Free Press" Heydar Dzhahidovich suggested that the U.S. goals in the region of a few other: Yankees need not only and not so much control over resources, and control of the region as a whole. Americans are even more complex game than it might seem at first glance: they are subtle contradictions that exist between members of different branches of Islam, and Islamic and Christian radicals in the region, the aim of which, surprisingly, is getting support from the Muslims. After far no secret that in a Muslim Africa at the moment is very strong anti-American sentiment. Apart from this, Jemal said that the U.S. is in need of serious conduct configurations in the political system: the U.S. seek out an excuse to allow the embodiment of the transition to a more rigid formats of government, right up to the introduction of an emergency. And do it without relying on a combination of external and internal impermanence is very difficult. Sovereign Jamal suggests that America is waiting for the newcomer plainclothes war and the abolition of the current constitution, making it likely the reincarnation of the United States in a "pure" empire.

Third version of the prerequisites joining the United States in the region lies in the confrontation so called "yellow peril." For the duration of the U.S. expensive and, in fact, failed wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Chinese companies successfully mastered the African market. The Chinese have built a power plant in Ghana, developed oil fields in Angola and Gabon, multi-million contracts for the extraction of natural resources in the Congo and Zambia. The Chinese have come to Africa not only for the resources. Africa — it is also a large growing market.

In addition, there is another fact in the media maloosveschaemy: Accommodations Africa Chinese fighter. Officially, China has no military bases outside its territory, but in the near future specifically, China has become a major supplier of power to ensure that UN peacekeeping missions.

At this point, the U.S. can counter China in the African sector is not much. Although trade between Africa and the United States is increasing, but resources are the main product exported from Africa to the United States.

With all of this the only point of U.S. military presence in the whole Africa Djibouti is located at the base "Camp Lemonnier," which serves the Navy and Marines. Naturally, the emergence of a U.S. military base in Central Africa, somewhere in Uganda or the Republic of the Congo, could significantly change the balance of power.

How did the Americans begin to use such a military base, taking into account the fact that the Chinese were acting peacefully, constantly increasing its presence in the region is unclear. The most logical explanation would be a reason in favor of the South American authorities ordinary bothered to see to it as one of the main enemies of the U.S. strategic control of a whole continent, and Snow White House has decided to take the usual precautions: to position Africa albeit small, but able-bodied troops , the very presence of which would force opponents by any other way to reckon with harsh overseas power.

But the cunning Chinese were more far-sighted decision and the Yankees to place a small military group is unlikely to want to have a result. Indeed, while the U.S. continues to strum the instrument, China has almost feeds millions of Africans and making even more than all of the "big eight" taken together. While the representatives of the "eight" reflect on the abilities of conquering the African market, the Chinese just come and set to work. The United States with their clumsy approach will be very difficult to work on the ending of this played out in the oriental party.

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