Off the coast of Africa, died Sevastopol sailors


Sevastopol, June 20 (New Region — Crimea, Sima Maximova) — Off the coast of Africa on the ship "Leonid Borodich" (home port of Sevastopol) was an accident. The captain and engineer trawler sank, losing consciousness from the stench of rotting fish.

As reported in the press center of Territorial Administration Gosgorpromnadzora, fatal accident with Ukrainian sailors came the evening of 15 June. The captain and engineer large canning trawler (BRC) "Leonid Borodich" (LLC "Inrybflot", Sevastopol), located on the port roads Nouadhibou (Mauritania), clean the shaft to clear substandard catch. Fish waste littered the hole to enter the water, and fetid gas from rotting fish filled the room of the mine.

According to preliminary data from contaminated products of decomposition, 62, captain of the trawler and the driver lost consciousness, fell into the water and drowned. All the circumstances of the tragedy set investigating committee terupravleniya Gosgorpromnadzora.

Note that the vessel "Leonid Borodich" was built in France in 1966. Fish cannery afloat produces 15 million cans per year.

Source: New Region-Crimea

Comment from me:

It would be interesting to see how the captain and engineer mine clearing his relief substandard catch.

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