Oh poor RF say a word …

When they say about the Russian Federation as a rich country, the first thing that comes to mind — the oligarchic structure which was evacuated this is the domain of the interior of the country, filling wallets and more new bills. Our home — it's all extraordinary government in which people live, persistently trying to reassure themselves that, they say, in other countries even worse ours. So says a doctor or a teacher, who for their own work Huge receive true crumbs. So they say old people on the bench who gave the best years of their lives and their health factory, which has permitted their directors to buy villas in azure Beach, cottages on Rublyovo-Uspensky highway and make dimensionless accounts in Swiss banks.

Do not stop to wonder how, wielding enormous natural resources, beautiful spices in a variety of industries, our country can not raise the low level of wages at least at such a level which has permitted a person to live normally.

From year to year management forever voice of the people, that, say, you need to tighten their belts and wait godok or two, and life would be better and more colorful. But goes one year, and the second, later — a decade, but the number of poor people for some reason do not quite decreases. Or is it decreases the number of so-slowly, that many of the poor can no longer wait for the promised light at the end of the tunnel. With all this people who offer to tighten their belts, for some reason do not show it by example. Officials inflates so that even the display tele seen as a jacket on their already badly converge.

If look at our billionaires, which, by the way, more than ever any other country in the world, 99% of them — are the people who have organized their own business on the implementation of natural resources. The Constitution of the Russian Federation on this issue states that minerals, with which our rich country, are public domain. But why is it that some citizens are required to pay for gas, electricity and heating as it "eats" the lion's share of the family budget, while others simply folded money in the pocket.

Surprisingly, but in Russia there has long been peer-tax scale. Precisely to say there is a single 13% tax for all, and not just the scale. In all advanced countries tax policy is focused on the fact that any surplus is subject to additional taxes, the level of which may reach 50-60%. On this, our leaders respond that if you enter a scale in RF, that oligarchs will withhold their windfall. You can think of it, now that we all know very well how much in fact earns Abramovich or Vekselberg. And one can imagine that their whole business for every Russian is transparent so that any questions can not be here. But even if the top layer of state power can not guarantee doing good business means business in the country itself is not one hundred percent. It turns out that in any way in Russia and the courts can not be trusted. After all, if people simply means stealing a handful of people, and these people need not fear prosecution, then such a system of any development in general is not out of the question. The existence of a similar 13% level of tax for pensioners and oil and gas tycoon — it's just the mercy of the power of money moguls to remain in their familiar own chairs. We come to the conclusion that the current government continues to flirt with the offenders, covering sales courts make laws that support only the oligarchic structure. Here, for the prosperity and civilization of the question.

Neuzh then the total corruption of officials in Russia is so great that no favorite country cope with it. But it was still a similar situation 30-40 years back and in South-East Asia — Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. But management still found a strength within themselves zabronzovevshy cut this Gordian knot. Also in Singapore overnight was performed a large-scale shift referees and other officials. All important economic positions were taken quite young people who, through their zeal could give a powerful impetus to the Singapore monetary system. Meanwhile, in Singapore, in contrast to the Russian Federation, no gas, no oil, no diamonds … By the way, the arbitrators have been appointed the new wage is more than 900 thousand dollars. In such salaries bribery it was not walking.

But we kind of salary does not appoint an arbitrator, or the deputy governor, his little hands will still be drawn to a sealed envelope. It is a real illness that even a hot iron burns out.

Just sometimes you start to think, and it would be better not have happened if picked up and ran these oil and gas reserves in Russia. Perhaps even then the management of the country was actively thinking about the need to diversify the Russian economy.

To be honest, from time to time just disgusting to look like ozhirelye bureaucrats come to the opening of new sports facilities or maternity homes, gathering a crowd of journalists and a PR to the right and to the left. It turns out that the people they also have to bow down to the feet, because they are torn away from their own huge oil cake crumbs and threw it to us.

Now the power is not within ourselves the courage to admit that it is not able to control the situation in the country. When we talk about companies with multi-billion dollar capital, the government, as you see, can not interfere in their business, but when the inhabitants of the provinces are trying to make a small home business to grow vegetables and fruit, here the government shows itself in all its beauty. In this economy come to a group of supervising inspectors, from tax and firefighters to sanitation centers and RTN. Poor people do not start thinking about how to deliver reared potato consumer, and how and how much to "put on a paw" overseers of all colors, so they do not interfere with work and earn.
The authorities can not say that our homeland — a poor country. We hold "confident" the 53rd place (as of July 2011) in terms of income per capita in the world. The unusual thing, but better than we live, countries such as Slovenia, and even the Bahamas. With all of this presented itself up by Russia. Foreign research agency, composed of the analysts of the World Bank, puts Russia on such indicators as per capita income, in general, on the 76th place in the world. Here we operezhdaet even Equatorial Guinea!

Neuzh that our leaders just do not care about the numbers. They perfectly show how all the "attempts" Russian authorities are ineffective. It turns out that all the efforts of some municipal governments, if such efforts are taking place, just breaking on the mountain of corruption and inaction of others.

But the weird thing is that in Russia almost everyone recognizes that our citizens are so poor should not live. But again we step on the familiar rake fraudulent election and start again, looking around, grumbling at his languid life.

That read — If the government does not see the control of their own actions on the part of the people, then this power converted to tolstoshkurnogo dinosaur who does not care about those who are running under his feet. And if that does not like this dinosaur, so he might crush. As long as we keep this running around underfoot imperative dinosaurs and are afraid to look up an addiction. If we go on and on in the same spirit, the prosperity of the average citizen in Russia is not out of the question.

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