Oman can buy 400 missiles JAVELIN

Oman can buy 400 missiles JAVELIN

Agency for Defense and Security has notified the U.S. November 15
Congress about the possible sale of the Government of Oman 400 Javelin missiles and related
equipment, parts and logistical support — the estimated price 96 million bucks.

The proposed sale will contribute to the strengthening of the outer
policy and national security of the United States, helping to improve
Security friendly country which has been and continues to be the principal
force for political and economic progress in the Middle East.

The proposed sale of anti-tank weapon systems make better JAVELIN
Oman’s ability to please the current and future threats and ensure security of oil and gas infrastructure.
Oman will enhance the ability of the country’s defense. According to the views of the U.S.
professionals, Oman will have no difficulty to integrate these systems into
armed forces.

Prospective implementation of this equipment will not alter the basic military balance in

Principal contractors: Raytheon / Lockheed Martin Javelin
Joint Venture in Orlando, Florida, and Tucson, Arizona.

This notice is required on the possible sale in the U.S.
provide by law and does not mean that the implementation of the contract was concluded.

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