On further triumph of democracy in Damascus

June 5, Syrian television said that Syria sends out of the country after the U.S., Britain, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, and charges d'affaires of Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, in late May, a number of member states of the so-referred to as the "Group of Friends Syria, "Announced the decision to expel Syrian ambassadors, and in some cases, and all sorts of other Syrian diplomats in the reported involvement Tipo Damascus to the disaster in the village of Hula, killing more than 100 peaceful inhabitants. As we see, noose on the neck of Bashar Assad shrinks, it actually can not breathe.

The concept of "controlled chaos" from the Maghreb to Indonesia, ascension to the rank of global foreign policy doctrine of the United States, with success coming to life without encountering in its path no resistance. By the way, in the middle of resisting the call to Russia and China, which have from time to time impose a veto on NATO resolution in the UN Security Council. But the veto of the 2-majestic powers actually have no meaning if the invasion of a sovereign country in the area is considered the highest value (with motivations Tipo protect civilians from the government's own barbarian), it can be realized under the auspices of NATO and the political will — to provide the sacrificial the country's modern air defenses — in the past 20 years had neither China nor RF.

So was betrayed Yugoslavia (in 1999. Were that it was quite a few S-300 to prevent NATO bombing: surely that the Western Allies would not have allowed himself to lose every second aircraft at the cost of more than $ 100 million). With the consent of the taciturn (or inaction) of China and Russia NATO managed to introduce a never-ending chaos in Libya before — in Iraq. Now turn Syria.

Whether the Assad regime will stand in front of the western danger? Certainly not. The issue of displacement and its implementation in a peaceful Syrian chaos — a matter of time. Bashar al-Assad is fighting with the rebels, armed with Western media and instrument, alone, neither our home nor China have it, or how much an important support. And the important support in this situation means three things: air defense, assistance in organizing the defense of the country against the invasion of the western, the neutralization of Western aid to the rebels. To do this, RF and China all have the ability, and it is up to small — political will.

Any prerequisites for the hope that our homeland and China will help out alaviyskuyu Syria and warned another source of tension and chaos in the Middle East, not now. Two majestic powers are limited only diplomatic means, but as practice shows, on the diplomacy does not go too far, and geopolitical interests RF not once infringed as a result of sticking to the norms of international law.

Yesterday representative crisp white House spokesman Jay Carney said at a briefing that the United States rely on Russia's support in the displacement of Bashar Assad, explaining it so that only the resignation of Assad will help prevent the bloodshed in Syria and the region.

Russian Foreign Ministry has denied any cooperation between the Russian Federation and the United States for care Assad. Still, tensions remain and heating up: regardless of whether there is co-operation between Russia and the U.S. Syria, Now exactly one — the United States for blood Syrian favorite and make every effort to offset Bashar Assad, Our homeland is not lust overthrow of the Syrian regime, but does not make active efforts to save him.

Expect isolation Syrian drama is long. Naturally, it is insulting to us to follow the catastrophic picture of public lynching of Bashar al-Assad (similar to Gaddafi or worse), but comforted by the fact that this show will bring unprecedented pleasure Hillary Clinton. All the same, it is more important than all the others because of its particular interpretation of reality and feelings are found to be "democratic", "liberal", "humane" and "fair."

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