On housing dilemmas soldiers

On housing dilemmas military has long been clear. Of course, the government does almost everything in order to provide housing for military personnel, but housing question as before remains open for thousands of families. Many military families and the elderly to date seek out ads in newspapers to surrender the apartment because they do not have their own their own homes, laid them under the law. Some soldiers in the process carried out in the Russian army reform were laid off, and home so the military is given with great difficulty and with considerable delays.

Over the past few years has changed the housing legislation for the military, and in the process of these changes on housing benefits that existed in the military, have been canceled. At present, while there is a study of the new law "On Military Service", many military families may never get home. Official home military can provide in accordance with the new legislation, and the property is virtually impossible to get it.

To soldier able to realize their right to home and become the owner laid square meters, to solve housing question must begin at the moment. This is evidenced by the jurisprudence relating to the protection of housing rights of soldiers and their families. The court's decision has no statute of limitations, because the presence of the executive leaflet will be able to significantly speed up the process of allocating a military family square meters, laid her under the law. In accordance with the legislation of the time by which a decision — from 6 months to 1 year. If you expect the home at a time, then it can not wait, because the process of getting military housing "self-driving" is a very long one.

There is also other "alternative" methods to get home, in the midst of which operate in the current time programm GLM (Municipal Housing Certificates) and NIS (Cumulative Mortgage System). If the military there is "Soft" reasons for dismissal, he will be able to become a member of these programs that are targeted at improving the living criterion of soldiers and their families. Participate in these programs distributed on military personnel may volunteer basis and must themselves choose the method of implementing the right to housing. But here, too, there is their difficulties. These "alternative" methods owned by certain shortcomings: funds allocated for the current program that does not guarantee a home in accordance with existing regulations. Yet Funded Mortgage system allows to use the facilities, which are counted by the military, as he himself and his family.

So, to get home, have to overcome a lot of barriers. Almost all will depend, first, from the military.

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