On how China is stealing the secrets of the F-35

As said yesterday the website "Military Parity", Chinese hackers have broken into computers belonging to a large British company «BAE Systems». The aim was to obtain hacking disk imaging structures and electrical properties of the "stuffing" of the new F-35. Reported that the information disclosed by specialists Cybersecurity company, which is March 12, 2012 the paper wrote, "Australian news."

Chinese hackers used a vulnerability existed in the computer system of the company. Hackers steal secrets lusted fighter tribute for many years to provide air-West an advantage. Also hackers attack caused fear that the Chinese are now able to counteract the radar F-35.

Recall that the details of cyber attacks on «BAE» were not disclosed, although the first signs of hacking activities were almost pinpoint three years back. Need to see that information was disclosed on a personal dinner for top executives Cybersecurity company. Managers were dining in London at the end of 2011 Source reports: one expert said that company one and a half years (!) was subjected to attacks by hackers from China, and in the end they were able to obtain information about F-35.

Officially «BAE Systems» said it would not comment on allegations of Chinese cyber attacks. In response, it was just "our system Cybersecurity can detect, prevent and eliminate the effects of these attacks. "

Past South American bureaucrat last week (on condition of anonymity) said that Chinese hackers might have leaked into the secrets of the F-35. But here he also added that there are many qualities of the development of this aircraft, which are completely opposed to cyber attacks. The Chinese believes bureaucrat could steal everything that is in this plane, and could only get information about the individual sectors.

Note that the Chinese Embassy in London has called baseless allegations of kidnapping. Embassy spokesman said that China condemns all forms of electrical crime.

First suspicions as if F-35 became the object of attacks hackers from China, appeared in the American press in the year before.

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