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July 1, 2011 will be partial solar eclipse of Saros 156. This eclipse will be observed in the southern hemisphere between Antarctica and southern Africa.

The maximum value of the eclipse will be 0.09. Eclipse will begin at 12:00 GMT, 13:15 GMT finish.

The next partial solar eclipse of the inhabitants of the earth will see the 25 November. The scope of the eclipse falls on Antarctica and the surrounding area.

Small private eclipse will be visible in South Africa and New Zealand. The maximum phase of the eclipse 0.90. At the South Pole will be a phase of 0.77. Begins at 8:20 GMT and ends 14:10 GMT.
Solar eclipse — an astronomical phenomenon, which is that the moon closes (dwarfs) in full or partial sun from the observer on Earth. The solar eclipse is only possible in the new moon, when the Moon facing the Earth is dark, and the moon itself is not visible.

Eclipses are possible only if the Moon is near one of the two lunar nodes (points of intersection of the visible lunar orbit and the Sun), not more than about 12 degrees from one of them.
In the year of the Earth may be from 2 to 5 solar eclipses, of which no more than two — total or annular. On average, a hundred years is 237 solar eclipses of which 160 — private, 63 — full, 14 — o-rings.

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Solar eclipse in terms of astrology

Partial solar eclipse of July 1, 2011 will occur at 12.50 Moscow time, and will be seen in the ocean off the coast of Antarctica and south of South Africa. But this does not diminish its power influence on us living in the Northern Hemisphere.

Exceptional impact eclipse will be dictated by a rare configuration: taukvadratom Saturn — Sun and Moon (in conjunction with the star Alhena) — and the Black Moon, which will provoke a strong emotional and psychological reaction to the need to oppose selfishness, violence, lawlessness, and every manifestation of evil.

Reduce the terms of karmic retribution for any offense — including moral and ethical character. Possible shock from the realization of their own and others' mistakes and need of redemption karmic debts.

Conjunction of Venus with the descending node karmic give each of us to understand how much we have gained in terms of creativity and love. Retribution for the love and creative embodiment of divine intentions expressed in the share sympathies and feelings that we get during the week.

Another rare aspect, the accuracy of which the commission falls on June 29, will also be at the time when the eclipse — the connection of the White Moon and Mercury — and make it possible to know the truth, to get to the truth and provide valuable information necessary to adjust their plans.

The beneficial effects of configuration bisekstilya Jupiter — Chiron (Neptune) — Pluto will enable a different position to look at what is happening, learn new skills and expand their ideological positions, and — to be successful in science, business, and self-assertion.

Harmonious aspects between Mars and Saturn and Mars and the Black Moon show that should make decisive action to prevent further crimes and violence, and for the protection of the law. Active position in life and the main intention should be directed to the correct position and social justice and assistance, as well as — in defense of justice.

Alhena stars of the master configuration eclipse (taukvadrate) indicates that the main problem the next period will be the protection of family relationships, and national traditions, and that tradition and family support will enable us to cope with the difficulties of the present time.

We need more vitality and creativity to work through the situation correctly eclipse, and we will come to the aid of spiritual maturity, insight, social responsibility, active position in life and the moral and ethical principles.

Transformation of consciousness and mind will be very ambitious — controls the flow of emotional and physical energy, do not spray their strength in vain.



Source: Fomalhgaut.ru

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