On the Anglo-Saxon roots of German Nazism

Now, even after 66 years after the defeat of the Third Reich, the war continues. Now — the war with the memory of an unprecedented feat of Russian boytsa.Za attempts to "equalize" the West nurtured in the 30-40s of the twentieth century, Hitler's fascism and Soviet Russia hides ideological continuity of the criminal Nazi tyranny with the Anglo-Saxon imperial policy …

Nature of this continuity, its main features are carefully analyzed in the book "The English roots of German fascism," napisannoyprofessorom Heidelberg Institute, the famous historian and sociologist Manuel Sarkisyants, Armenian, born in Baku in 1923 and now living in Mexico. For the first time the book was translated into Russian and published in 2003 in St. Petersburg (M. Sarkisyants. English roots of German fascism. Avstrobavarskoy from English to "master race" / Per. With it. M. Nekrasov — St. Petersburg. : Academic Project, 2003 — 400 p.). Only a rare book. The Russian translation was made with the 1997 edition (published by Scholl, the German language). In British English the book from afar exclusively in India and Ireland — these countries have learned the hard way that such arbitrariness Anglo-Saxons. In the UK, M. Sarkisyants book was never published.

Facts cited creator in his work, deadly. "From the master race in the colonies — to fascism in Europe," "Imitation of British education chiefs in the 3rd Reich", "England as a prototype of racial unity", "Houston Stewart Chamberlain — English visionary pioneer and prophet of the Third Reich," "English Fascism in Britain, "" Hitler Admirers of the British establishment " — That's the name of some chapters of this book.

Concerning the system of Hitler's upbringing, M. Sarkisyants, with reference to the source, writes: "The organizers of" napolas "- the national-political educational institutions — from Himmler's SS consciously followed a specimen of British elite pablik-skuls [public schools] (1)." Since the emergence of the Third Reich, the English teachers of the master race met with his Nazi followers (who later in the most constructive way overshadowed own teachers) and is fully aware that the education of Hitler's elite performed according to the standard of education of the elite British. The British immediately gave a positive assessment of their own German counterparts. The director of a Public School in Louestoft, referring to his English readers, referred to Hitler's "napolas» «Public Schools in Germany» [public schools in Germany] (2).

The British system of education as a way of hardening of the future owners of the world is of particular admiration for Hitler, as he said, "speech on England" yanvarya1941 30 years.

SS-Obergruppenführer Geysmeyer in 1938 read: "The educational facilities and puzzles (English Public-school) … appropriate and in our institutions "(3). South American historian Walter Struve also noted the similarity of the fascist schools with their English counterparts, and claimed that "the future leaders of the Nazi become only the best people. Heaven knows how many there already brought up the future Hitlers "(4). Theodore William, the father of the Nazi pedagogy, proudly declared that Germany under Hitler schooling "is closest to the English Public-skuls" and even promised to surpass its own British teachers in the education of the future rulers of the world.

M. Sarkisyants stresses that in Tsarskoye institute of international relations in London in 1938, a report on the "education of future leaders of the Nazis", British creators noted: Nazi institution "in many ways built on the model of our UK Public-skuls". Many functionaries of the Third Reich wanted that, that they were descendants of English education (Ribbentrop, Ley). In 1934, the future British leaders (of the Public-school "Rugby") visited Potsdam "napolas" — this was followed by reciprocal visits of the "napolas" and other British Public-skuls. With all of this it was assumed that such an exchange would take place only with the "Nordic partners who must protect Germany from … two-front war. " Fuhrer said that only he "like the British, enough ruthlessness to achieve the goal," and a model of colonization of the Russian Federation (which he called "the German India") is for him the British colonial policy in India. Noteworthy that in British India the British administration did not allow the demonstration of documentary and feature films about the Nazis — the Indians could behold the parallels between the behavior of the German Nazis and British colonizers.

The British historian James Drennan read, "Fascism can find a strong response in the British national character … On the SS men they say that they are animals … But all of the SS men, with whom I spoke were charming, courteous and always willing to assist people "- that characterizes the" chicks Himmler's "Head of the Economic League and a member of the Great Council of British fascists Mr. Baker-White. Personality Reichsführer SS admired and representatives of the military high command in England. So, Admiral Sir Barry Domvill meant specifically Himmler, when was that "if all of its citizens were like him … many problems would not have happened." "The perception is that Heinrich Himmler -" humble man "," care about the welfare of their own country, "and rendered patriotic veterans English Legion — an organization of veterans of England — after a visit in 1935, the Dachau concentration camp and its highest valuation — we read in M. Sarkisyants. — The English town mayor Betnel Green, "examining" a concentration camp in Kisslau, said in the press that he could "only assure that Adolf Hitler … adequately dealing with his political opponents. "

The scion of Randolph Churchill, the family of Lord Ridsdale, Lord Lamington, Lord Londonderry, a sociologist and essayist Houston Chamberlain — is far not the full list of members of senior British society, openly sympathized with Hitler (the daughter of Lord Ridsdale, on the occasion of the marriage of which the English fascist Oswald Mosley himself Goebbels gave a dinner party, where he was Hitler, even wore a brooch in the form of a swastika). «Daily Mail», the newspaper owned by Lord Rotemiru, acted Information mouthpiece Nazis outside of Germany. «English Review» Franco's fascists called "the best representatives of Spain." The head of the upper house of the British Parliament, Lord Halifax, visiting in 1937, Hitler was fascinated by his "sincerity" and acknowledged the merit of Hitler that he returned the Germany 'self-esteem. " "Among the adoring British — a Nazi Reich Party Congress in 1936 (at the congress Hitler gave to understand that he wants to seize the Ukraine) was more than 5 members of English Parliament," — writes M. Sarkisyants.

Mutual love of German and British racists was so strong that until 1938 the Fuhrer, seeing Britons own mentors, has repealed the ban on the activities of German intelligence in the UK.Under Hitler unprecedented development was Anglistics — the science of the British culture and the British language. Fuhrer sincerely believed that British language — the language of the masters, and the British culture with its colonialist "baggage" is worthy of emulation. German race, urged Hitler — a cousin of the British race, and they are meant to rule the world. In the UK, were that the British will rule on the sea, and the Germa
ns — on land. German Field Marshal Hans Gunther approve of faith in the British what other people are in a position close to the animals, and encouraged to emulate the British, because "this faith made them great." The German philosopher Friedrich Lange said: "We will go through all the stages of training to learn how to enjoy the peace, and stand on equal footing with our transatlantic cousins, already possessing the world"

M. Sarkisyants notes that eugenics, widely spread in the 3rd Reich — purely British origin. It reaffirmed the right of the Anglo-Saxon race (and means and the Germans) to world domination. Granting citizenship solely on the basis of belonging to the Aryan race has become the norm under Hitler, and was born in the UK during this, his favorite was Francis Galton — a cousin of Charles Darwin. Specifically, Galton coined the term "eugenics". He argued that there is not only the "class" of people within the borders of one race, and "sort" themselves races. Specifically, Galton made a "theory" of racism, which was seized by the Germans. He also argued for a "holy war" for racial supremacy and beheld eugenics "part of the public consciousness, like a modern religion," as the Nazis did. Ironic known formula derived by the creator of the famous novel antiupopii "1984" by George Orwell: "All people are equal but some are more equal than others." HG Wells, the eminent author of "The Invisible Man", was convinced that "the only reasonable and logical decision in respect of a lower race is its destruction."

Hannah Arendt wrote in the 40 years of the twentieth century: "Only in the UK racist ideology stemmed specifically from the state tradition: not enough that the latter was the Old Testament, the Puritan, the situation worsened and the perception of social inequality as part of the British cultural inheritance (lower in awe and reverence to the upper and upper classes have treated them with contempt ). "

English biographer Alfred Rosenberg, the 1st of the most ruthless German racists, emphasized that "the livestock elite British institutions would inevitably turned purple, if they happen to read what role in the history of the British Empire, the National Socialists ranked as their predecessors." Adolf Hitler was "not in the least connected the British political successes (such as, for example, so long rule over India with the introduction of small forces) with the presence of colonial administrators formed the British system of education." In 1934, the writer Georg Schott in the book «X. S. Chamberlain, visionary Third Reich "wrote:" The German people do not forget and always remember that a "foreigner" Chamberlain referred to "foreigner" your Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. 100 years ago, so was the Briton Carlyle. Who specifically Briton Chamberlain from the first steps of Adolf Hitler realized that he was elected to the fate. "

But the fact relating to the position of the Channel Islands — British countryside occupied by the Wehrmacht. "With the German occupation, — writes M. Sarkisyants — English courts in the Channel Islands pursued those accused in the resistance, and even behavior, leading to strained relations with the occupation forces, the British island regarded by the authorities as an offense. Some of the inhabitants of the island were involved in izymatelstva of prisoners in labor camps. Hanging 1st of them Russian, has caused a policeman from the island of Jersey same reaction as in most of the Germans. "

It is regrettable that the work of Manuel Sarkisyants "English roots of German fascism" virtually unknown both in Russia and the West. In the UK, this book is forbidden, and in Germany against its creator twice to open a criminal case …

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