On the border of Kyrgyzstan and China earthquake



14.02.11.Zemletryasenie magnitude 4.8 on the Richter scale occurred on Monday night at the border between China and Kyrgyzstan, Chinese media reported citing the seismological service.

The shock was recorded at 03.12 local time (22.12 MSK on Sunday).

Information on possible casualties or damage are not currently available, "Interfax".



At 10 km from the village of Nura night recorded earthquake 5-5.5 points

14.02.11.CA-NEWS (KG) — According to the Institute of Seismology of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, at 01:12 hours on February 14 in Kyrgyzstan earthquake measuring 5-5.5 points in the middle of it.

As the press service of the Emergencies Ministry, the epicenter of the earthquake was located 10 km to the southwest of the village of Nura and 135 km south-east of the city of Osh.

The coordinates of the earthquake: 39? 36? north latitude, 73? 48? East.

In the village of Nura earthquake was felt the power of 4-5, in the village Erkeshtam — 4 points, in the village of Sary-Tash — 3.5 points, in the village Conv Korgon — 3 points.

According to preliminary data, postaradavshih not.

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