On the conceptual uncertainty in the development of military small guns in the Russian Federation


The need for the creation of this or another standard military small guns should be determined by the end user, acting as the customer. Specifically, he said, based on the experience and forecast future disposition of hostilities, developing the tactical and technical requirements to want the standard tools. Next — R & D competition, the definition of a promising reference, troop tests, the elimination of defects and rework, setting the standard for service. The only way to ensure the future development of military small guns.

But the security forces of the Russian Federation, as the end user, since the early 90's, with no clear concept of its development, took the position that the essence of which looks something like this: "as all available hopelessly out of date, you do nibudt of something new, and we choose we would have liked (and not choose — buy abroad) … ".

At the basis of this position are the expression in the media, private world of individual instructors elite special forces, based on the "international experience", zabugornyh athletes, almost martial sports and designed for small guns zabugornye standards, performance of "Experts on Small Arms," and more.

In connection with this weapon state enterprises and other forms of ownership, in an attempt to get orders made and hastily trying to create different standards of small arms, including and "masterpieces of modern computer technology." With no orders for their products and often incorrectly assigning want a place of their own standard infantry weapons in the security forces of the Russian Federation, an independent enterprise engaged in the promotion of the "market", according to their own abilities and notions of morality.

As an example, you can see the promotional acts quickly to the relevant Western markets to move in the power structures of the RF gun "Glock", "Strike" (aka "Swift") and other samples.

In this case, the proposed product is declared the most "pistoletistym" gun, which from now on will change all of the guns are already standing in service. And despite the fact that the security agencies have used the gun Yarigina no way inferior to the proposed on various indicators, but on the operational strength and reliability significantly superior to them.

Thus, virtually all of the delay when firing of the gun are due to unacceptably low property produced Russian 9×19 Luger ammunition and 7N21. Vorachivayas to the issue of persons already in the arms and back of the proposed small swatches guns and ammunition for them, it is worth noting the subsequent.

Gun Yarigina already done in versions PYA 6P35 with a metal frame (made of forged blanks), IL-02 6P35 with a lightweight (plastic) frame and built-in bar "pikattini" TL 6P35-03 chambered in 9×21 with very myagenkoy recoil in so massive munition Also under the PYA office traumatic cartridge (150 J). This allows the user to choose exactly the one that is more appropriate to perform the one or the other puzzles.

Regarding the Makarov pistol, established to ensure public and personal safety, we can only note that in the coming 50 years, it will be indispensable in the class. It must be emphasized that for more than one year Izhevsk Mechanical Plant (Izhmeh) shows all the exhibitions PM PMM frame established for the use of a 12-round magazine. In all this there is a frame shop with a keypad lock, which allows to use the 30-round magazine, which increases its versatility and significantly expands the scope of implementation.

Stechkin automatic pistol 9mm

It is especially necessary to emphasize Stechkin automatic pistol (APS), which enjoys a steady popularity in special units. This gun for 60 years of use not only failed to exhaust their own abilities, but almost did not disclose them because to this day there was no teaching methods of fire out of it in the automatic mode and one with 2 hands, that in today's fast-moving battle gives him the dignity of the assault gun.

In place of the gun nestled wearing PSM created by Izhmehe not much inferior to him in size, but significantly superior to its effects on stops gun ammunition "Bars" chambered 9h18PM with shops on the 6 and 8 rounds. But for some reason in the pursuit of the elusive promoted innovations truly innovative approach Izhevsk Mechanical Works, created five (!) New samples in a fairly complex criteria for the existence of municipal structures fundamentally not noticed.

Was highly appreciated and 9h18PM cartridge, which in 50-70% of cases showing the best stopping power in comparison with the cartridges 9×19 and 9×21. This is achieved by the fact that all the kinetic energy brought by a bullet cartridge 9h18PM transmitted goal, and the other bullet cartridges pass right through the target tissue and give it just the part. In principle, also the fact that the nomenclature rounds 9h18PM includes over-capacity cartridges, with malorikoshetnoy bullet cartridges MSDS to hit targets in personal vehicles armor, ammunition and high stopping acts with a lightweight bullet for anti-terror units.

A soldier with a Kalashnikov AK-12.

Should pay attention to the story and an AK-12, which declared the "avtomatistym" machine of our time and the "changer" of all existing power structures in the Russian machines. Although the premise of such a possible solution would be that the special forces of power structures of, in comparison with the linear, make a wider range of tasks and their tool, probably must be able to accommodate additional equipment.

With all of this remains the main Kalashnikov small arms for front-line law enforcement units of the Russian Federation in the coming 50 years. In this case, if the accusations are relatively low accuracy when firing AK in single fire regarded as completely baseless, and about the accuracy of automatic fire controlled by a competent veteran held view Grau, doctors of the Academy of Military Sciences, a retired colonel Catch AA, the reasons for expiration of the automaton seem ignorant and imaginary.

Deserves more attention and the situation of over-capacity shops Kalashnikov. All perfectly clear that as the distances in today's fast-moving combat over-capacity stores play a crucial role. Very euphony about it speaks for itself fact, for some reason forgotten by many.

Beginning in 1943, from the eastern front of the German troops in the address OKW has received more than 190 appeals, the essence of which later, "PCA-41 exceeds the MP-38 (40) on the capacity of the store because of the Wehrmacht suffer defeat in the battle at close range in the the trenches and in the villages Fri, please give the army an automatic weapon with shops inflated capacity. "

At the same Izhmash in 2002 by designer Shirobokov YA and his collaborators in the development activities have developed and launched in the creation of 50-and 60-round magazine for AK-74, as well as a new horizontal store inflated capacity drum chambered for 7.62 × 39. These stores, when you use certain training methods of fire, dramatically increases the combat effectiveness as a single soldier (employee) and the unit as a whole.

Is not that innovation? But for more than 10 years, one of these stores do not motivate, and many members of the law enforcement agencies in general have only heard about them. But unlike them
, specifically performing service-combat tasks and remain in the fire lane at least in what ways, even at their own expense seek over-capacity stores that are officially adopted pending.

AK-12 and M-16A3.

As a conclusion about the AK should be emphasized that a number of professionals on the totality features this machine is considered more adapted to the conditions of modern warfare, an analogue that is currently in the world is not, and will not be long. Because if you remove some human errors Izhmash and take a long-term development of the concept of small-arms of, questions the promising machine will disappear on for yourself.

Design ORSIS T-5000. Source: Russian newspaper

Sniper rifle «Orsis T-5000" was once declared a "tactical sniper rifle" (as if there are "operational" and "strategic"), able to change all the sniper rifles were in service with Russian security forces. In this case, it would be quite enough to announce the development of Russian high-precision rifles that can take its place in the system of small arms.

In our opinion, in the coming 50 years rifle SVD as it was, and still is more vserasprostranennoy and necessary sniper system, based on the 3-level ordering snipers, we suggested: Level 1 — snipers far distances (some snipers GRU, CCO, FSO), Level 2 — anti-terror sniper rifles SVD and CB-98 and Level 3 — groups of special forces snipers and reconnaissance (combined arms units of the Defense Ministry, the Interior Ministry riot police and SWAT) with rifles SVD and SV-98.

It must be emphasized killing the fact that now the "rules of the game" for some reason determined snipers anti-terror (2nd level), which are more than 80 times less snipers third level, whose specificity of markedly different from the actions of the former. As a result, such redistribution "roles" are now in the criteria for the use of forested mountainous terrain with shooting distance of 50-150 m were purchased unnecessarily imported from other countries with a manually operated rifles and powerful optics, ballistic calculators, weather stations and other specific expensive equipment.

And despite the fact that the development of the production of the rifle barrel SVD chemical method with the following chrome (sniper barrel!) Developed by Izhmash, so far leads to the astonishment of all zabugornyh rivals.

IRS initially created as a purely Army rifle cartridge for staff with not the best ballistic characteristics to meet the requirements of military doctrine, which provides incapacitate or defeat the enemy, not absolute (100%) of its liquidation. Because in the course of an army firing targets not like "terrorist with a hostage," and the similar.

Was immediately taken into account and the experience of sniper movement during the Second World War, when the criteria in the battle over open countryside and villages Fri 98% of the targets is striking from a distance of up to 350 meters. That's why now, as during the war, when the priorities and goals of a more unsafe battle determines the charter of the coming, the main properties of a sniper rifle are its reliability and rate of fire. For the same reasons, the army firing rate (CS-CO-86) was not exercise involving shooting at ranges of more than 450 m (and with 2010 — 800 m).

Now the various' experts on small arms "in their own personal assessments factor in determining the suitability of a sniper rifle to solve army problems, they call it accuracy. As a result, in recent years there has been a typical "chase" for Shreds MOA based brook no objections to the views of long-range precision shooting athletes (benchrest, came to Russia from the United States), with no experience of active and long fighting.

Specialists know that accuracy and efficiency of fire have a connection only at distances not exceeding blank range. When shooting at huge distances "amazing" accuracy can play a cruel joke when the target does not get any one bullet in the case of omissions or inaccurate determination of the initial firing data (range to target, wind speed and direction, temperature, pressure, adjusting for derivation) that it is entirely possible in the challenging environment of battle.

A drag each sniper with a whole bunch of special devices for the solution of these problems in the military criteria hardly justified from all points of view, including and economic. So for military rifle shooting accuracy should be good, ensuring fulfillment of real, not contrived for the sake of something (or someone) missions.

But, even starting from the grouping, it must be emphasized that more than once our snipers with a rifle SV-98 without too much pomp win first or win prizes at international competitions, and the other rifle Izhmash in caliber 338 Lapua zabugornom also not inferior counterparts. But this fact does not cause enthusiasm, because it's not cool, and AW — it's cool.



Very entertaining after the fact. In the late 80's — early 90's power structures of the United States were left without an automatic sniper rifle, because the M-16 for the role for various reasons came up. Then, using a hunting rifle "Remington 700" with camouflage lodge, bipod, "Harris" and optics "Naytforts", they started talking about the concept of the 1st clear shot.

While we, "klyunuv" on it, 20 years fierce debate over guns, MC-116 and CB-98, choosing the best one, they did not stop development, and in the end not so long ago adopted a 20-charging automatic rifle AR-10T under cartridge 308. Since then all the major NATO countries are armed with their own semi-automatic sniper rifle. We continue to argue!

PKP "Pechenegov"

Not quite understand the situation and machine gun PKP "Pecheneg", also assigned the most "pulemetistym" machine gun. Now the machine gun, which, despite the strangeness of the title, was and still is the Kalashnikov machine gun, announced TsNIITochmash as a fundamentally new machine gun. As a result, the substitution of the barrel, the resource is less than the resource 2-barrel machine gun to RMB growth of the mass of 1.5 kg, moving the bipod to the muzzle (in prone shooting dramatically decreased sector), he acquired a really new, but not the best, quality.

Because again there is a question without an answer why the "Pecheneg" at these rates it is a substitute for PKM machine gun, has earned the highest rating in military personnel and employees who perform military operational tasks in the criteria forested mountainous areas and in locations distant from the dislocation.

Compact machine 9A-91

Especially it is necessary to pay attention to small instrument, developed and produced TSNIITOCHMASH — AS
"Val" BCC "Vintorez" and automatic 9A-91. In addition to causing a surprise ergonomics of these samples, in particular the last one hundred percent no interchangeability of parts and components to the main, already standing on the arms of the instrument — a Kalashnikov.

This is despite the fact that in 1964 MT Kalashnikov was awarded the Lenin Prize for the establishment of a harmonized set of small tools in the machine gun, one hundred percent harmonized with the already standing in service machine. In other words, the AS "Val" BCC "Vintorez" and automatic 9A-91 clearly do not comply with the unification of most new models of guns with existing ones. Either now abolished this requirement?

Then it is not clear why it has extremely long time automatic AK-9 cal. 9h39 Izhmash, all the features listed above are not inferior specimen of special tools, in terms of reliability superior to them, and if you remove the hard PBS distinguishable from the AK-104 is still little known? Most likely, this is justified by a close proximity to Moscow Klimovsk, compared with the Izhevsk.

In connection with the above, there is another question about the machine guns. Neuzh that our law enforcement agencies were forced to combat acts leading to mountains and forests, do not need a light automatic weapons with shops and over-capacity longish thick, relative to the standard machine, barrel?

Submachine gun PP-90

You can not ignore the issue of trivial imperfections in the class of submachine guns. Now far from complete list of the tools intended "to the task," "Cedar" and "Fight", "Hero" and "Heather" (SR-2 and SR-2M), "PP-90" and "PP-93" , "PO-2000" and "Bison", compact machines "Whirlwind" CP-3, CP-3M and 9A91, as well as with nedavneshnih far, and some imported from other countries standards that are usually only used to " window dressing. "

It is one thing when a movie demonstrating the MP-5 from Heskler & Kosh, which "their tough guys" fight stoned African-American, who had taken hostage lady of the house, and quite another when our special forces in counter-terrorism operations goes to the forest or in the building, where it is expected Kalashnikov rifles and machine guns, RPGs and other real gun.

In general, the concept should be developed small arms, clearly identifies that the government expects. In our opinion, it should anticipate a sharp decrease in the number of samples of military small guns, its unification and reduction of the number of used cartridges.

So, for example, the cartridge SP-4-1 for the LDCs, PSS, "ELL" gun "Growler" and other samples initially created for special operations in the main overseas. And suddenly this cartridge started extensively implemented, despite the fact that the main advantage of pistols PB (6P9), and APB is just the ability to use regular 9×18 ammunition, already has an extensive distribution and much more in comparison with the cheapest kind of SP-4 cartridge.

So Makar, given the above spoken, now it is possible to ascertain the presence of severe failure in ensuring the security agencies of the Russian Federation military small cannon. This contributed, on the one hand, the failure of the Ministry of Defense procurement of a number of samples, including PM and the AK-74, and on the other — uncertainty as to the correct equipment for the troops.

AK-74 after an extended factory modernization. Photo: "NPO" Izhmash "

As a result of Izhevsk manufacturing plants is critical and terrible, like the trend has accepted the situation with the technological base and skilled labor force. To prevent a dark forecast, when at least some new "miracletool"Will have no place, and some do, to urgently be adopted municipal concept of military small guns and ammunition.

At the current time, LLC "Polygon" (Chelyabinsk) in an active manner developed the concept of the creation of a unified system of musketry in the country, the implementation of which will allow, besides the main tasks of solutions, download producer of military small guns municipal order and fill the failure.

The proposed concept includes 3 steps Interagency firearms training, either of which provides for the implementation of existing tools and models of small weight and size of its layout. In addition, this concept provides for the establishment and purchase of state a number of samples of small guns.

Among the priority measures:

— procurement of air pistol MP-654 (analog PM) and air rifle "Junker" (similar AK) — for pre-conscription training young people (10-14 years);

— purchases PM pistol, rifle, "Saiga-22" and "SVD-22" (all under small-bore cartridge) — For pre-conscription training (14-16 years);

— purchase of sports samples MP-446S "Viking" and "Saiga-MK" (cal. 5.45 and 7.62), "Tiger" (7.62 x 54) — for athletic training;

— create the desired number of guns MMG (order number 288 of the Interior Ministry), PM, TL and AK — for both military and civilian universities with the military departments, centers and units, schools, military, patriotic, military and sports clubs, DOSAAF framework of the reform of fire training in the power structures of the Russian Federation and educational programs;

— gradual substitution of machines AS "Val" and the BCC "Vintorez" on AK-9, AK-74 (cal. 5.45 x39) on automatic AK-103 (cal. 7.62 x 39) — for the unification of military small guns.

During the preparation of articles for publication was a change of control of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation. Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with his new head of the Army General SK Shoigu and the new chief of the General Staff, Colonel-General Vladimir Gerasimov noting that overreliance on innovations in recent years has led to a complex, sometimes devilish situations on many military enterprises, claimed to direct serious attention to it.

In our opinion, the point of no return leading weapons-Russian defense enterprises have not yet passed. But the government needs to urgently establish a concept of small arms, taking into account issues of common interdepartmental training qualified his introduction.

This is confirmed by the words of the announcer at the exhibition Russian arms in Nizhny Tagil in 2011 that during the trial the subsequent firing said, "… so of the standards of military small guns facing in current time in service with Russian Federation law enforcement, not only not dated, but still not completely opened their combat capabilities. "

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