On the democratic revolution in 1991

After a "democratic revolution" in 1991 Our homeland has experienced such a disaster, that, according to estimates of some scientists, they even eclipsed the Nazi invasion of 3-4. Perhaps only after the February disaster, as "democratic" revolution of 1917 compared to the consequences of a "revolution" in 1991.

It is very interesting to look at the dreams and the dreams of Russian people in the 1970-1980's. Specifically, in the period in USSR there was a real promotion of the "Western view of life" through the French, Italian and other films. That's when the Russian intelligentsia began to dream about, that we were "as abroad," according to the fact that "we are all wrong." People in Western movies lure of advertising lights, elegant life, beautiful cars, clothes, shops full of goods, different pleasures of life such as strip bars.

Ultimately, these dreams materialize. Our homeland has become the usual western state. However, the films showed a middle class, which did not account for the entire population of the Western states, and of "the wrong side of life" practically demonstrated. Now we got it completely, then, as they say, there must be more careful in their own desires, millions of illiterate and semi-literate citizens, access to decent medical care only people, parades perverts, hundreds of thousands of prostitutes, shooting galleries and narkobarygi, mafia "old chap," millions of poor and homeless people, all the "charms" and you name it. Shops are full of goods and products, however, is not much they pockets, and of the quality of food for some reason had fallen sharply.

Wanted "democracy" and "freedom" — have received, you can criticize the government, laws, or write anything you want, people can vote, getting a sense of what was involved in affairs of government.

Intellectuals wanted the "deregulation" against "totalitarianism" and "centralization", and that she received? The destruction of science and education, as espoused by the "totalitarian regime." Intellectuals can write, read, take anything you want, but just to reach the public only what someone will pay.

A Chechnya? Bleeding of a wound in our country. Is it not in the silence and indifference of the majority of Russian people were expelled from there, and some of them were cut? The same processes, different measures ruthlessness, were held in almost all the republics of the former USSR. Russian robbed, killed, raped, expelled, and 10 of millions of their fellow citizens in the Russian Federation did not lift a finger.

When the silence and indifference of the people of the USSR West backstage with the assistance of the internal "fifth column" again be successfully conducted an operation to demolish Russian (already in the form of the Red Empire) state. Initially denounced Judas Gorbachev (Bear Bullseye), later EBN, then "Putin-Medvedev plan." Russia, the Republic of the Union of robbing more than 20 years, take out and take out the resources that nature created over millions of years, devastating invaluable storage of our country, depriving the future of our children. Out of the USSR in store gold, strategic supplies of rare metals, even today a "stabilization fund" is located in the West.

Our homeland re gone through a complete robbery. Once again, as in 1920, the country introduced a lot of different religious organizations, sects, is to promote a "New Age" religion, which is designed to merge all religions into one, to worship "one God." But in the 1920s there was a strong system of TV, web and other channels of electrical zombie, with which successfully "brain stem." People decompose the flow of heresy, violence, and depravity.

There is a de-Russification of the people who instilled cosmopolitanism. Lasts outflow mental stratum of the population, the export of ladies and kids abroad. Made whole international utilities that are designed to limit the export of the most intelligent, professional, talented, beautiful women.

In the external and internal policy Our homeland one hundred percent took other people's rules of the game disguised as words such as "tolerance", "political correctness", "humanism", "human rights", "democracy", "freedom", "child protection", etc. In the end, eventually complete failure of internal and external policies, solid concessions and destruction.

And despite all this people still alive! Russian field has great power, and new generations who do not remember Russian Union brought up and were educated on circumcision school programs when, under the influence of a huge media suddenly understand themselves Russian-Russ, do seek out Russianness soaked books, movies, cartoons (filmed in the USSR and the Russian Federation, and such), music, finds its origins, seek out the truth …

We are told that Russia, the historic home of our dead, but this is not true, she is still alive. With the return of property, Russian-ness, there is hope for our revival.

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