On the fidelity of emphasis

If we can, "witnesses witnesses" to convey attitude and continue to win without distortion majestically to those who already do not have the capacity to behold the eyes of the participants and with great stateliness War Victory?
Surprisingly, as with the change of generations changed the perception of history, its events, the main characters, there is a brand new assessment of the main points are placed more emphasis. They go out of its witnesses, leaving descendants freedom of sight, interpretations, seemingly immutable truths.

Getting something in the output day with his family in Solotcha, my inquisitive child, remarking on the central square of the village monument leader of the October Revolution, asked who it is installed. After receiving the answer, with a sincere and staunch indignation in his voice exclaimed: "Lenin? He also killed the king! ".

At home, we have not discussed so mature for his subjects as the Russian history XX century. Well, in a training program from starting school this item is not included. But the baby has already formed its own eyes on this historical figure, given the direction of understanding the world. It is, of course, will vary. All the same information had to cheat the wind in his young head characteristic of the present time, thought, accents, did not give the ability to grow up and sort things out for yourself. And I remembered how at the same age with such a sincere conviction solemn school concert glorified day of birth of the leader, proudly wearing his apron for uniform small portrait.

And it's not that the incident changed, opened up new sources of information, and that, perhaps, has long been a modern account of past events is more objectivity. Very high risk that global liberalization chronicles the majestic country will allow everyone to do their story, and to understand where the truth and heresy, it is becoming more difficult.

Nearing the chief of the Russian Federation prazdnichek — Victory day majestically. While living witnesses of his last terrible war, it will stay that way. All actions of heroic labor and the unimaginable feat of home front, learned by heart at school and university textbooks, mind and soul searing concentrate connected to me in one single memory of my grandmother. The transfer of the difficulties, pain and loss she reads. But talking about the days of victory, each time saying, "You can not provide for themselves, that it was for a day! How it all ran through the streets, crying, shouting, laughing, what it was … indescribable joy. " And behind these seemingly ordinary words was verbally inexpressible power through suffering, the last effort of survival, with strained tendons, brighter than all the illustrations and convincingly proves the importance of textbooks happened, committing to keep in mind and endlessly pochetat.

If we can, "witnesses witnesses" to convey this attitude and continue without distortion to those who already do not have the capacity to behold the eyes of the participants and with great stateliness War Victory? That will form the basis of a new understanding of the world for future generations? What can compare with the power of the living word of witness? Perhaps only art, most important of which, as you know, is a movie.

Each time creates its forms. We are accustomed to the "shooter" and the effects are hard to capture stable, giving food for thought and condolences to the film. Turning to military history, modern Russian filmmakers seem compelled following the laws of the market, weave in the history of the war majestically magical stories and endows his characters supernatural powers, the changing emphasis of perception. In anticipation prazdnichka best time television given to such "masterpieces" of recent years, as the "Fog" or "We're from the future." But such tests of their creators to force contemporary feel to the place of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers turn white on a background of only one scene from the movie "Belorussian Station", in which fellow soldiers continued singing, okudzhavskuyu.

In general, the time of sorrow is not yet. A white shirt and ironed pants parade in what my son went to school — a symbol of respect to the veterans who come now in its class for a lesson in courage. This means that he and at least another 30 children have opportunity behold, enjoy and preserve the history, without which there is no future.

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