On the foreign students in the Byelorussian SSR

Since ancient times it was, but I'm only writing this in order to give their outlook on the situation of foreigners in Byelorussia. I was a student and a citizen of the USSR. He studied fine, and so besieged by persons of foreign nationality in question, that earn 25 rubles per night on writing essay or course, did not. Wrote two, or even three of the night, and what to do — there is hunting, girl's own gift to hunt too, stepuhi hell, though overpriced, not enough (before Lenin did not hold out, yeah, I think, and it was not enough would — Humpback already ruined everything, and the vodka was already at 10 rubles. in the store without coupons). There comes a time for me Negro woman (which we blacks are always called names, and because they are in the "Brother-2" is not sulked, perceived as a tribute, as I understand, that's different then their name will not be, for they have all been similar to what countries of the African continent would not come) and reads as follows:

-Misia nuzen work on the strength of materials, the support totally bad. I can not count, curve m totally jumped off somewhere, and q is in place, and the teacher very very bellicose and somewhere to send all of us, I love you very very much would like to put our glorious tribe cabinet Yumba (for purposes of secrecy true title of the tribe I withhold, let my dear reader will forgive me).

-Well, I say, pay 25 rubles. (I mean sekas something and then do not use your loaf — was young, 17 years old, well, I did not know then that of foreign words and unusual "SEX").

-Misia, me my tribe to study SEX permitted to use, as the time at the moment difficult, and sex everyone needs (in general conversation was in this vein, though not literally, but in some places so since I could not hard to understand this weird word SEX).

-And how, I say, your SEX should you advertise it very well and offers a first ruble and what it did for your national currency, can I realize it can not, come on, say, a prepayment, I will look for this currency, and later too, and over the course of the purchase and Sales think maybe you're shit is palmed off instead of our woody.

The girl realized that I sekase oak tree at her, lifted her yubchenku and let trusidly their shoot, here I realize, but trusentsii lay on the floor, and she Lying on my bed, chocolate spread her legs, and I saw all these beauty and breathed mouthwatering smell, my stomach turned inside out in a natural way to wiggle out of her face with full lips and kucheryavinkimi hair on his head. The sight was more then she stormed out in the shower (good, dormitory block was and there was a shower with separate toilet for two rooms, and a three-ruble note dvushku) scolding me some cabinet swearing-yumbovskimi. After washing and calmed down, cleaned up and vyshev of the shower without a word handed me 25 rubles. Since that time, no black woman in the school to me more with his sekasom somehow did not stick, and paid 25 rubles. What is sex, I realized a bit later by asking their own maid, who was very surprised by my erudition in foreign definitions, and joyfully showed me it really is. I liked the smell and such was not.

But now the situation of foreigners and my world view of these in a while. They lived better than we do, and behaved with arrogance (except the guys from India, Mongolia, Vietnam and Korea, I one Vietnamese set of pencils automatic yellow, various width and with eraser on the end for three rubles sold in the USSR was not such, I drew them to their own diploma, very brilliantly came out, it was a pity to pass the archive). We were forbidden to touch them directly to criminal liability, as in the first study conducted the same day briefing and we got married. But they nagleli as they could, especially Afghans, that that does not tell me everything is against them say and do, where so much ambition in them was so far not usvoyu, I always denied them help, they did not like me for some reason , as was the case that an Afghan with a knife on the Pakistani friend went against each other, although the previous friends were cut friend a friend sent them home.

I remember one devchenka from India, she learned the poem in the Belarusian language and a scene with the animation of it said with such Myagenko pleasant accent, well, just beautiful, even no words, I, as one of the carriers of the Belarusian language, it was very gratifying and exciting. This girl and she was trained in any of my services, no one's other well-wishers not needed.

I wish to say one thing at the end: what to civilization was not a man, as long as he could and could not work and did not stick with their convictions to the indigenous inhabitants of the country where he came, and then he will respect and honor.

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