On the meeting of the Bilderberg Group in St. Moritz

As said at the days of the "Voice of America", U.S. Department of Energy allocates Russian daughter company "Severstal» — «Severstal North America» — a loan for 730 million dollars for the modernization of a steel plant in Dearborn, Michigan.

The unusual thing — Michigan, the epicenter of "rust belt" of America, where all the big long been struck south american business, the capital of which Detroit and to date remain abandoned whole areas where the empty sockets of windows mansions, abandoned by residents because of unemployment, are a real testament to the collapse of the "American Dream" — in this most economically degraded state of Russian "Severstal" has suddenly found a benefit to invest. Means a lot: «Rouge Steel», company, owned "Ford" and is produced here in the 1920s, still rolling for the very first Ford car, went bankrupt in 2003. "Severstal" acquired it in 2004, in addition to an already bankrupt plant in Columbus in the state of Missouri — in the same "Rust Belt United States." With an additional 3 companies acquired in 2008 in the U.S., "Severstal" poured into the South American industry 2.2 billion dollars. Obviously, all the South American "daughter" of Russian companies were so unprofitable that began to sell in the same year, the same three of the owner and the head of "Severstal" Alexey Mordashov has received for their almost nine times less — 225 million reported at the time, "Kommersant . "

By investing so professional Russian assets majestically on the banks of the lakes in the United States would add that the main owner and general director of "Severstal" Alexey Mordashov holds the key to the Cherepovets Steel Mill, two ore processing plant and 10's related companies through a management company — Cyprus offshore company «Frontdeal Ltd», successfully avoiding, usually, Russian income tax legislation.

The Russians, who may or may not wish to invest heavily in Russia, it is necessary at the moment the West. More precisely — not even the West, and the "circle of the elect" who, under the cover of Enigma meets every year a meeting under the guise of "Bilderberg".

You can reincarnate the article in a multi-page essay, essays — in the book, the book — the library, if you try to add up all the available versions of deciphering the goals and objectives of the society, which met for the first time in May 1954 in the Dutch town of Oosterbeek at the "Bilderberg Group" — of "world government" to a handful of sverhbogateev, taxiing the world economy in the interests of transnational corporations.

As the website said that in all the unusual organization (http://www.bilderbergmeetings.org/meeting_2011), 59th meeting of the Bilderberg Group in St. Moritz in Switzerland in the main open a discussion "challenges of growth": Innovation and economical discipline, the euro and challenges of the European Union, the role of emerging economies, social safety nets, new challenges Near East, areas of conflict, demographic challenges, China …

No matter which of the fact that it is worthy of the attention of politicians and economists. That's just why with all this, a person close tightly shut doors and windows zashtorivat stand guard on the perimeter — because it usually makes the conspirators gathered at a gathering? Published at the end of my article is the complete list of members of another yearly "bilderzastolya" allows you to make sure that a sufficient number of guests in the middle of perfectly recognizable people with aristocratic manners, abilities, not just the limited purse, and intentions, labeled totally harmless. Why is it in ancient and brand new World do not stop to look at a sample dense veil of secrecy, covering the activities of the "elite" has been almost half a century?

Yes, just so, in spite of all the efforts of the "bilderberzhtsev" about them it is clear that fattened on deliveries during the second World War, the U.S. decided that came their "finest hour" to take over a dilapidated, in need of money and goods " old lady "Europe. Already in the late 40's in order to strengthen the South American control over the content of the European elite CIA appeared "European Movement", "South american Committee for a United Europe "," European youth "and other organizations that paves the way for South American influence.

The direct intervention of the U.S. government, of course, caused rejection defeated fascism in Europe, and then the case took multinational company that creates some of the "Alliance", and later received the title of the "Bilderberg Group". A planned as a "club of thought" to the ruling circles and large companies of State — members of NATO, group, in fact the case, become the main mechanism advance U.S. interests in Europe, but very quickly grew into a plan creators and reincarnated as a "machine for the formation of governments and policy" of the European countries that do not subordinate the interests of the United States as a country, and a narrow circle of families.

Chairman of the Bilderberg Club in the early days of its creation became a Dutch prince Bernhard, not so long ago had served in the Waffen-SS, and who was then the main shareholder of the oil company, the Rothschilds «Royal Dutch Shell».

Of those eighty people that were on the founders, gathered at the "Bilderberg", played a major role D.Rokfeller, the head of the Rockefeller Foundation G.Geynts, president of the Carnegie Endowment D.Dzhonson. With all this it is clear that the participants were selected constituent meeting of Baron Edmund de Rothschild and Laurance Rockefeller. And even then one of the main purposes of announcing the creation of a single euro country with its central bank and a single currency which is under the "natural" control of the United States, the creation of a transnational government.

Who can argue that today, these goals are not met?

According to the last session of the "select club" British "Guardian", "this year" Bilderberg "was bigger than it has ever been. More weight, more names, more reporters. " I saw "The Guardian" and Alexei Mordashov, with his bodyguards and suitcases that are not subject to customs inspection. And reminded that this is not the first Russian "Oligarch" to "Bilderberg doorstep." For example, in 2008, when the "labeled" assembled in Greece, Corfu, where he was invited Oleg Deripaska. With all this, said the English edition, expanding the range of present evidence that expands circle interests of the owners of the "feast."

It is clear that the "Bilderberg" is built on the principle of the Masonic Lodge, the structure contains three laps. Outside — quite broad, and the members of this circle only know part of the real strategies and objectives of this organization. 2nd round — Steering Committee (Steering Committee), consisting of 35 people who are familiar with the puzzles of approximately ninety percent. The most narrow circle — Advisory Committee (Advisory Committee), consisting of about 10 people, specifically knowing the true purpose and strategy of the organization and possess all the features for the group in the period between its yearly meetings.

Suffice it to say, that took place on 9-12 June 2011 meeting of the "club" in St. Moritz was held under the patronage of only the 1st member of the Advisory Committee — David Rockefeller (David Rockefeller). Among the ot
her permanent members of the Advisory Committee are owned by Edmund de Rothschild, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Paul Wolfowitz, Henry Kissinger, (the late) Richard Holbrooke, Etienne Davignon, Henry Heinz, Romano Prodi. Journalists estimated that the asset "club" connects voedinyzhdy 383 people, the third part of which Americans — representatives of the Office of the President of the United States, the State Department largest companies, banks and businesses. This whole army "sharpened" In fact, to preserve and strengthen the system of governance "world order" on your own "Bilderberg" way.

As noted, not without humor is still the same, "The Guardian," to quote Thomas Jefferson, the founder of the Declaration of Independence, "whenever people are well informed, they can trust their own own government. If they (people) have become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and the Assembly, judges and governors, all can become wolves. " Against this background, large-scale protected by snipers, helicopters, hiding from the public meeting is not a cause for gloomy thoughts. "Bilderberg Group — this is a step backwards in the wrong direction, taking into account that the" open government "is something that we all strive bezotstupno" — says "The Guardian".

At the moment, journalists vied offer options reading "protocols Bilderberg-2011", which, obviously, is usually not carried out and, therefore, were not written. And coupled with the fact it is believed that a detailed analysis was subject to China — and its representative in St. Moritz was: it was Fu Ying, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Middle Kingdom (Ying Fu). And who utters that China now is not the country that comes on the heels of America?

There is speculation that refer the interested reader to Yankee Jim Tucker, for many years is going to "Bilderberg dossier" that at the meeting of the "elite" was a lot of talk about the unfolding of full-scale hostilities in the Middle East and North Africa. The fact that the population of the planet is reduced very slowly, so that the Bilderberg candidate sees a world war. Support for the euro (Greece and other countries in areas that are in decline, let them pay the islands or anything). On the continuation of the occupation of Iraq. On the Structure of China and the Russian Federation string of crises, in order to undermine their monetary systems. The fact that the other media, and free from the control of media web browsing "do something" …

You will be able to relate to this disk imaging with caution, but I did not knowingly start with a theme of "Severstal" and its present owner, buries billion dollars in the United States. Just U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who reported the receipt of "Severstal" loan programs from within the U.S. Department of Energy to support the production of the latest generation of vehicles, said the 730 million dollars were naikrupneyshim over the past two years as part of the loan applets. And the fact that the funds allocated to the Russian capital of the company — and quite unprecedented deal. It is believed that due to the credit, "Severstal" will be able to do in the South American Dearborn, is going through difficult times, unchanging 260 jobs and 2.5 thousand time, also save 1400 existing and creation of new jobs — the value of the administration of President Barack Obama.

Interestingly, the application for a loan South American "Chrysler" on the program there to support the production of the latest generation car was not approved … Surely, as the winner of the "Chrysler" was not a day or four in June at a meeting in St. Moritz.

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