On the merits of the People: the question for all

That's what I contrived pochetaemye readers as a result of the scanned / read / heard and seen in the last 5 years. Under the Constitution, everyone has the right to express his will, freedom of speech and thought. And why, I think it would be good to organize the people's merit for those who bear the information to us, the consumers of this. And not from the organizing committee, and specifically from us. In other words, from the people. I agree that the whole country is unlikely to crank out. But then — why not? We must obmozgovat this question.

We live in an age where information is everything. In any kind of website, a cinema, press, printing, books, radio. And fed us different in taste and content of courses. And we can collectively appreciate it.

Because the "Review" all the same war, it has to be, I think the order. Even the two. For those who have the benefit of, and hacks. I'll start with the latter.

I have referred to this order "Order Rezun." And be pulled under the rag (sorry, banner arm does not rise to name) of this order all those who crapped in our history, whether for money or out of conviction. Although those who did it out of conviction yet one can realize.

I would have figured this order as follows: circular sitting on the toilet in it the fifth point, push through deep combat boots standard 1945 (available 44th, but not before), stuck into a hole known emblem of the method works:
1. For kinotvartsov (from the word creature, not the creator of the word) — a piece of crumpled films;
2. For zhurnalyug and pisakteley — crumpled printed pages;
3. For geniuses radio and television — a microphone (the camera will not fit, although one can might experience).

Ribbon of the Order, earthy tones with splashes of different colors (well, you figured, I hope, what I mean).

Order given at times, while there will be a living memory of the creation of the award and of itself. Rehabilitation is subject to exceptional cases.

Whomever I was nominated for this merit? Personal spisochek God forbid, maybe some places I went too, but here goes:

1. Igor Zaitsev for kinopaskvil "Commando: The end of the war." Award of the Order of the good it would issue an order to view all worthy films about the war. He is obviously not the 1st was not looking.

2. Vasily Chiginsky for movie "First After God". Vase general in Durkee with concepts of the Navy, our fleet in particular. Give it to our naval couple of days …

3. Atanesian Alexander and Vladimir Kunin for "bastards." I would have it word everyone on the forehead with a hot iron burned. Every two and a cannon shot not to allow any more to write, nor to the shooting. Freaks.

4. Vladimir Fatianov for "the last battle of Major Pugachev."

5. Nikita Mikhalkov for his "masterpiece." In particular, for "Confrontation". Is there an obvious insanity, clinical idiocy, ignorance of history and a complete unwillingness to break away from the budget. During sucked … Taburetkin worse, he even stole Tishkov, but this is not an old fool a lot of crap that rubs us. So also states that it is "a great movie a stately war. " Aristocrats, blah …

6. Alexei Guskov for "Four day or in May." Also worthy of Commerce in "White Pillars".

7. NTV channel for libel "winner." Everyone, without any discrimination.

Enough, surely? I still could add, but I think there is someone to go on and apart from me. Number of Nonsense, which falls on the heads of ordinary people simply enormous. This is not alarming. Has no desire to even shout at the square, hunt quietly sit in the carriage, and carry on Durkee. Well, either in the toilet … a la Putin. Head down to the appropriate clicks.

To my majestic Fortunately, there are those who can and must oppose this … scum. For their needs its own order. Recognition of their awards in front of us.

I think it should be a regular five-pointed star, like the Order of Glory. Only instead of the Kremlin two words: "The honor and dignity." That's all. And the ribbon in two colors: black and yellow. For read the truth in our time is not the smallest deed than to attack then.

Who would I have given a merit?

1. Joseph Brodsky, for his story about his stay in the penal battalion. He has lived in the United States, though what his story would have listened with delight, especially if he spoke in the style of our "creation." But what a shame it did not sound, the audience was not disappointed. True.

2. Felix Chuev. For "Soldier of the Empire." Yes, it is somewhat pereborschal in his own attitude to Stalin, but is at least bukovku where ever lied?

3. Igor Pyhalova. Briefly, for everything. Thanks to this man for what he wrote, and God grant him good health and long life as possible more. This is a fighter that protects our ancestors winners.

4. Emmanuel Kazakevich, Alexander Ivanov, Nikolai Lebedev. For the "Star." An old, new … without distinction. Both movies are fine.

5. Gabriel Egiazarova. For "Hot Snow". Point.

6. Yuri Mukhin and Alexei Isaev. For antirezunovschinu.

7. Artem Drabkin for his cycle of "I fought …".

What confuses me the most is the fact that in the first category, I was sitting almost alone filmmakers. More on screens out blatant rubbish. For 5 years, I can not really remember any of the 1st ordinary and bona fide movie. To the chagrin. Cinema, as annoying though it may sound, still has a magical power over the brains. In particular the young. And I do not hunt to my kids, and even more, grandchildren, get an idea of the war on the "great movies" survivor of brain geezer. With books easier, but is reading them, that is the question.
Here is "My Opinion". Maybe I have forgotten anyone?

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