On the nuclear boards and blades

Once the majority of the international community decided to accept Palestine to UNESCO, Israel began to act according to the logic "around — the enemies." Own nuclear potential of Tel Aviv decided to urgently not only modernize, and to significantly increase. With all this the Israelis are not particularly baked over the fact that anyone in the world accuse them of escalating the situation in the region and in the deployment of a new arms race.

Can not say that before Israel gives up development of nuclear arsenal, but particularly after the effective recognition of Palestine a member of UNESCO, and before preparing to vote in the UN Tel Aviv decided to show that he is not going to look at the silent place in the world of action.

British Guardian published a report according to which Israelis are now developing technologies to increment the radius of damaging acts "Jericho-3" — missiles "ground-to-ground." In addition, the report contains information that Israel does launch, which will start from the subs are in the Mediterranean Sea or reddish.

The report was prepared by a team of British researchers Trident Comission. In addition to the data indicated in the document is a statement of the subsequent facts: apart from Israel are trying to strengthen their nuclear shields and sharpen blades of nuclear and other countries. Big success in this regard during the coming decades will achieve our homeland and the United States. Alone izderzhat U.S. plans to upgrade and modernize nuclear SUPPLIES colossal sum of 0.7 trillion dollars. With all of this to the Americans in 2030 are planning to build a dozen nuclear submarines, cruise missiles start spoofing the new modifications. Are not going to turn away from the U.S. and bombers B-52H Stratofortress straight to the year 2035. Based on the B-52H bomber Americans are planning to create a distant aircraft. Russian military budget and almost all will be focused on more severe than the financial support of the development of nuclear weapons programs.

In the middle of the other nuclear powers to strengthen its nuclear power deal with China, North Korea, France, Pakistan and India.

As expected, the British researchers prepyadstviya accumulation of nuclear capabilities have decided not to mention his own power. As if England and is not going to solve any steps to improve its own military nuclear capability.

So Makar, exposing the results of the policy arms build-up by other states, the British are trying to show themselves to the world almost as a standard nuclear meekness.

Meanwhile, researchers from other countries, have decided to strip the same situation on the British Isles. It turned out that the subjects of Her Majesty's not shy to update its Trident D5. Because the arms race, as it turns out, and not meant to cease. Apologist act of humanity and peace in the world is not going to no nuclear power.

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