On the organization of the famine in the USSR in 1932-1933 years

The end of 1932 — beginning of 1933 were for USSR one of the most difficult times. The process of industrialization of the country was rapidly with accelerated pace. But for the industrial giants were unable to immediately make its proper infrastructure, there were difficulties with the delivery of raw materials, product sales. For a number of buildings, due to the redistribution of resources are not enough resources because of the rush job violated regulations of labor, because of this, people became disabled. Working conditions were still very bad, because of overcrowding and filthy criterion of living in makeshift huts and developing the disease. But, despite all the difficulties the country became transformed simply by sight.

In agriculture fared worse. Farmers could not immediately restructure its collective psychology ive work as well as for themselves, plus a small income farmers, who do not promote increased productivity. In addition, priority in the development of the national economy was heavy industry, because funds from the sale of timber, grain, oil, etc. went there. 1932 year was barren.

Map of the main areas of the famine in the USSR. The denser shading — that stronger measures disaster

Before the "blow" have organized an information campaign in the media: the fall of 1932 Kuban Stawski visited by journalists from the "Truth", he found there a solid "counter-revolution" from "lurking" remnants of the Cossacks, "White Guards" who bred "organized sabotage." He was supported by the Rostov newspaper "The Hammer". It is also react from Rostov three companies were targeted special purpose, and the troops formed in advance of the "internationalists" (Latvians, Hungarians, Chinese. "From Moscow to control the operation came personally Berry and Kaganovich. Moreover, death squads operated in the" best traditions "Plainclothes war went mass arrests and executions, including the public. So Tikhoretskaya executed 600 people — three in a row on the day or 200 people taken out of the square and shot. Executions have been on stanitsy Kuban, of Stavropol, Kuban. Once had a "cleansing" of the Party ranks were excluded party members who "connived saboteurs", only the edge of the North Caucasus has been excluded 45% of the communists in rural areas, 26 thousand people. Some deported into exile, confiscated property. November 4, 1932 North Caucasian Regional Committee adopted a resolution for the failure of a number of measures of grain procurement punitive sense on a number of villages. All of their products are exported, closed shops, seized all the debts in a premature manner. Ultimately, these events have spread to other parts of the Kuban and even the Don.

Then the process was repeated in the Ukraine, where journalists have also revealed the "kulak counter-revolution." December 14, 1932 was a joint decree of the Central Committee and the government, "the grain procurements in Ukraine, the North Caucasus and the Western Region", and the timing of the completion of blanks were placed beyond History tough — by the middle of January 1933. Ukrainian government headed by Postyshev, Kosior, flea-bitten introduced measures such as the edge of the North Caucasus. Forbade trade, conducted house-to-house searches, selects food, all cleaned, money and valuables in the account of "debts". If you find hidden food, impose fines. If nothing was taken home in the winter people were driven out. In the end, the Kuban several villages rebelled, of course it was a good opportunity to strengthen further repression.

So, was organized by the so-called. "Famine", and can not be said that the plan was deliberately kill the population of Ukraine, also died, Russian and other peoples of New Russia, the RF Central, Volga region. And people could not get away from those areas where there was a famine, these areas beleaguer troops, special troops, so people do not run away. Plus 1932 passport system was introduced, it made it difficult to move by the USSR, and the rural population did not have passports. People accumulated in the towns, stations, but there are also the markets closed, the supply was only on the cards, but it was off-kilter. In the end, hunger has become a disaster killed hundreds of thousands, to bury the corpses were dressed special military command. People ate cats, dogs, rats were caught, the raven, the Don dug carrion of burial grounds, there were cases of cannibalism. Cannibal warriors of the OGPU and the police were killed on the spot, without a trial. In some places the plague began.

In the end, the situation has deteriorated, deteriorating supply of cities, hunger threatened to spill over to other regions, created circles "Trotskyite", "Bukharin's" character, Sabotage came out strong, the country could again undermine — the terror and starvation could trigger the latest peasant war, a wave of chaos. This fact is confirmed by the correspondence of the writer Sholokhov and Stalin. Due to the Sholokhov Moscow for Don focused commission headed by Shkiryatov. It is clear that Stalin was not interested in disrupting the plans of industrialization, collectivization, the latest war with the peasantry, it was necessary internal and external enemies of the USSR. Except, Sholokhov, apparently, there were other "signals" about the "famine" because he swiftly ended. Opened stores, acquired products, in other words, food was even in the same areas where there was a famine. But the investigation Shkiryatov and other investigators from the center did not reveal the guilty, sin was hushed up, it was reported only on the "excesses."

Only a couple of years later, during the "Great Purge" of "Holodomor", will answer a number of workers (including berries), although in other respects. A Sholokhov in "Pravda" call control, which is staged as "enemies of the people" — for that, "under the pretext of combating sabotage … deprived of collective farmers bread."

The results:

— "Famine" was organized by "internal enemies" (so-called. "Trotskyists") to suspend the rise of the Soviet Union, destabilizing powers to undermine the credibility of the supreme power, returning to the "swamp" the 20-ies. Remove from the power of Stalin and other "statesmen".

— The people of the Soviet Union was dealt a terrible blow, killing at different estimates 6.8 million people.

— Incriminate the person of Stalin in the "famine" stupidly, he was not a "man-eater", the destabilization of the country, the failure of industrialization and other projects, it was not needed.

— Consider that the famine was organized with the aim of genocide of the Ukrainian people and stupidly bezonovatelno, the first blow struck by the Kuban, the edge of the North Caucasus, then the famine was organized in other regions, including the Ukraine, the Volga region, the Central Black Earth region, the Urals, Crimea , part of Western Siberia and Kazakhstan.

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