On the participation of the United States during the second world

70 years ago, the United States entered the Second World War, which, in the views of the Yankees, had intended its finale. Most of the inhabitants of the American believes that only through America was obtained victory over Germany and Japan in the war, and that the Soviet Union would not survive the pressure of Nazi Germany without deliveries Yankee guns.

No one wants to deny the great contribution to the Yankees victory over Japan in particular, also help the USSR military material. But it should be all the same mark as that role has been great.

Americans have every right to be proud of the fact that South American troops together with the countries of the Commonwealth of England have caused significant damage to the naval and air forces to the Land of the Rising Sun, and the military-industrial complex in Germany.

The value of America's military supplies weapons, food and medicine for the Russian fighter is also large. After all, during the war, the United States turned into a superpower that dominated in most areas of the globe. These results have been achieved yet the price is quite small, compared with other states, losses. During the war the U.S. lost about 325 thousand soldiers. Losses in the middle of the civilian population in fact was not, because the military actions very nekordinalno affected South American countryside.

In addition, the U.S. government managed to not only maintain the current level of the population at an appropriate level, and perform the rise of the U.S. economy.

In March 1941, the South American Congress passed a law granting Allied motivated loans to buy the U.S. weapons and other war materials. Debt for such deliveries declared written off. Such a system has received the title of the Lend-Lease. First State, which received aid from America, has become the United Kingdom. She, by the way, and remained the main recipient of military material.

The Act came into force in relation to the Soviet Union in November 1941, although the first deliveries began in October. The total U.S. supply was estimated at 4 percent of the total GDP of the Union of Russian. The bulk of shipments accounted for the years 1941-1942, after that, the emphasis was made on the supply deficit in the USSR military supplies and food.

The main products that we supply U.S. Lend-Lease to the Soviet Union, were canned meat, non-ferrous metals, animal fats, wool, car tires and explosives, and freight cars, telephone cables and devices, stitching wire.

Regarding the supply of South American military equipment accounted for 12 percent of the total production of tanks, bombers, 20 percent, 16 percent of the total production of fighters and 22 percent of military ships and vessels. It is especially necessary to emphasize the supply of 445 radars.

Although Zhukov responded very positively about the role of U.S. supplies for the formation of the Russian army reserves, and to continue the war, but the fact remains that in the more difficult for the Russian army during the summer and autumn of 1941 there was no help. Fascist troops were stopped at the outskirts of Moscow and Leningrad only by Russian weapons.

More correct is the assertion that the U.S. military supplies helped accelerate the defeat of fascist forces in the East, but it would be a mistake to assume that no similar means of victory would not come true.

It is believed that the invasion of the Anglo-American troops in the countryside of France in 1944 was a turning point in the war. But such a statement negates all progress made by Russian troops at this time. Indeed, since 1942, except for certain moments (counteroffensive at Kharkov, the original pitch of the Battle of Kursk), the Nazi troops were in a state of defense on the Eastern Front. And by the summer of 1944 was released much of the Russian countryside, before the Nazis occupied. The final outcome of the war was already predetermined, and particularly on the Eastern Front.

If you take into account the overall strategic picture of the war, it becomes clear that the landing of British and American troops in France in 1944 was nothing more than another, as the reluctance to admit the defeat of Nazi Germany, the forces of the 1st Russian Union only. After all, particularly on the Eastern Front took place major landmark battle. Here the Wehrmacht, and carried about 70 percent of the total losses of military equipment, and the number of human losses inflicted only Russian troops, estimated at 80 percent of the total number of those killed.

So Makar, the approval of the decisive role of America in the second world war is aimed only at making downplay the role of not only the Russian Union, and other countries-participants of the Commonwealth of England, and China. And yet, speaking about military operations carried out by the Yankees, for some reason, does not take into account the fact that the U.S. military is almost always operated as part of the coalition forces are not always accounted for in most of them.

The beginning of the real coming of States into the war can be considered assault landing in North Africa in 1942, while it was quickly shot by Nazi Germany, as in Italy and France. And the victory of the British forces at El Alamein, which became a turning point in the Mediterranean, was won before the arrival of the Yankees.

Shred U.S. supplies for the British army is significantly higher than for the Russian, but the British paid for the supplies life. During the war, killing about 365 thousand inhabitants of the United Kingdom, and up to 110 thousand inhabitants of the British colonies, such Makar, loss of Britain were much more American.

In the "Battle of the Atlantic as the decisive role was played by British troops, killing 525 smogshim Nazi submarines, while the Americans — only 174. The Asia-Pacific towards the Americans were part of the coalition forces, along with Australia and England. Also do not be discounted, and China, which is draining more than half of the Japanese army and technology. And only in totality, these forces were able to inflict a crushing blow to the Land of the Rising Sun, but not the only South American troops. And specifically the entry of Russian troops into the war with Japan was crucial to start surrender land of the rising sun.

So Makar, the role of America and the American military supplies can not be regarded as dominant.

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