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In the near future in Russia are increasingly at the official level they say about patriotism. Further on the subject prepared special instruments to increase the degree of patriotism among the people. Meanwhile, in fact power, including the first face of the country, practice quite the opposite values. The examples do not need to go too far. This writes a newspaper column expert "New Region" for Security and Crisis Fyodor Yakovlev.

October 20 president Vladimir Putin signed a decree "On improvement of state policy in the field of patriotic education" in accordance with which the Office of the President created by public projects. Managing control another presidential decree appointed deputy head of the internal policies of President Paul Zen'kovich, who oversaw the information policy, cooperation with public institutions and civilian society.

The most common and user friendly guide to "strengthen patriotic education and spiritual and moral foundations of Russian society" described in the famous song "Where the Motherland Begins", but today's "educators of the young generation" do not understand and really, how much more in life does not translate.

To foster patriotism, first, proper examples, and to offer segodnyaschy power and whether she, at first, to serve in this example? For the answer does not have to go far — perhaps the most eminent in the history of the ship RF, famous cruiser "Aurora" struck off by the Minister of Defence of the Navy?! October 16 this year the last ship left the military sailors, military service took place here. This means that it will take several years, and the pride of the Russian fleet with more than a hundred years of history will be written off for scrap silly.

And after all cruiser "Aurora" was launched on 11 May 1900 and became famous after 5 years — 14 May 1905 at the Battle of Tsushima, during which it has got 18 rounds of Japanese guns, and from the fragments of undershooting the mark in the body then calculated a few hundred holes. 10 sailors, including the commander of the "Aurora" Captain 1st Rank Eugene R. Egorov, who died in the battle, were sewn in canvas and tied to the legs of an old grate buried at sea in the days of custom, the Korea Strait. Another 82 navigator during the fight were injured.

A couple of times on the "Aurora" after a direct hit there were fires, six times the flag was shot down, but each time the Russian sailors lifted him again under heavy fire from the Japanese ships.

So cruiser "Aurora" is not merely a "symbol of Russian power", and the blood-stained Russian Russian warship sailors who defended their homeland back in 1905 — a sign of heroism Russian sailors, six thousand of which after the Battle of Tsushima forever remain in the waters of the Yellow Sea and Korea Strait in conjunction with its 13th ships sunk in one of the most disastrous in the history of the Battle of the Russian Federation.

In addition, in contrast to the present time, when our country in the presence of entrepreneurs "world-class" like Prokhorov, Roman Abramovich, etc., orders for their own navy helicopter carriers "Mistral" in France, the cruiser "Aurora" was absolutely built in Russia for the project and running a professional Russian shipbuilder by Konstantin Tokarevsky, but that "Russian patriots" like Putin, Medvedev, Serdyukov, etc., took the decision to write off the ship from the Navy, most likely, or do not know , or do not even want to know.

During the siege of Leningrad, who was in Oranienbaum cruiser "Aurora" was included in the defense system of Kronstadt, and nine shot from the cruiser 130-millimeter guns were transferred to the made in Duderhof battery "A" ("Aurora").

In September 1941, during the coming weeks the battery restrained German tanks, fighting to the last shell in its environment. After fierce fighting of 165 personnel of the battery survived only 26 sailors. In the current time of those battles reminiscent of the monuments and memorials erected in 1970 on the site of the former positions of the battery of guns "Aurora".

For the Nazis cruiser "Aurora" was also a "symbol of Russian power" and therefore throughout the siege of Leningrad, he was subjected to the most severe shelling and air raids. After a few hits cruiser sat down on the ground, but the only remaining combat-ready aircraft gun remained in the ranks, and over the cruiser as before waving flag Reddish. What do you need to be moral freaks, that so systematically and deliberately destroy the battleship, which became the pride of the Russian fleet of more than 100 years ago, and with all this talk about the "patriotic education"!?

And it can start training with former presidential candidate Misha Prokhorov, staged aboard the famous cruiser on the night of June 6, 2009 disgustingly shameful to booze on the anniversary of the magazine "Russian Pioneer" which published at his own expense? At addressed to him words of Posner: "Celebrating on the" Aurora ", you seem to be spit in the face of this past, you want to or not. You are on this thought, when they decided to specifically there to arrange such prazdnichek? "Prokhorov totally quiet replies," You know, I really, speak out so gently and with awareness relate to real characters. But only to the "Aurora" is not true. " That is, for this "patriot" of the Russian Federation Russian sailors shed blood in defense of their own homeland to "real characters" does not apply!

According to the estimate given by the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, "cruiser" Aurora ", as though no other museum — a monument of history, feasting and fun in the walls of which sacrilegious. A presence at such banquets, and especially in times of crisis, government officials — is doubly blasphemous. " These words referred to the authorized representative of the President in the North-West Federal surrounded by Ilya Klebanov, the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Minister Elvira Nabiullina and St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matviyenko, who are very "patriotic" took part in an orgy on the deck of the ship, bloodstained Russian sailors. The fact that none of these municipal officials did not answer for it, of course, but in fact, the same composition of the Federation Council, which so "patriotic rage and denounced" government officials, and then unanimously (!) chose Matvienko, head of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation! And you do not even hesitate, it is and will be in the forefront of "educators patriotism" the young generation.

There is another, more telling example — from December 27, 2007 according to the verdict of the judge of the North Caucasian Military District Court Tsybulnik VE serving a 15-year sentence in a serious mode IR 31-year-old lieutenant Arakcheyev Sergey, all the "crime" of which consists in the fact that he honestly serve the motherland. Earlier Arakcheeva acquitted two of the jury, but also twice the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court overturned the verdict of the jury, and, only "formal circumstances", which means that essentially the acquittals arbitrators of the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court to make any objection to the jury in first, nor in the second time it was nothing! In the third time, without further insidiously, the arbiter of the North Caucasus Military District Court Tsybulnik found guilty Lieutenant alone and sentenced him to 15 years in prison for murder, which Arakcheyev not committed and
for which there are strong indications!

June 10, 2011, in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation in respect of Arakcheev was conducted "integrated psychophysiological study using polygraph", in other words, the sensor heresy. Output self-contained professional holding a statutory right to conduct similar research, was unequivocal: "The direct role of the SV Arakcheeva in the studied events (January 15, 2003 on the ground CR) is not detected and confirmed."

In principle, such a conclusion no one amazed, because even on vessels of more than 30 witnesses testified that he personally beheld Arakcheeva at the time of his alleged murders in a very different place, which excludes even the possibility of its involvement in this murder, but the conclusion is self-contained professional was ignored exactly as in previous testimony, and continues to serve Arakcheyev absolutely illegal sentence.

Is it not a good example for the education of "patriotism"? Especially when you consider that appeal to Putin and Medvedev signed tyschami people of, neither one nor the other did not respond.

You can talk about today's proposed rule ideological orientations for patriotic education. March 22 this year The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a resolution on the celebration of the Ukraine at the municipal level, the 120th anniversary of birth of day or Uniate patriarch Joseph Slipyj. This "priest" is widely known for already 6 July 1941 called on Ukrainians' joint efforts to increase assistance to the German Army, "August 1, 1941 vowed" to never-ending loyalty, "arrived in Lviv German Governor-General Hans Frank, 20 April 1942 year sent a vigil in honor of the day or the birth of Adolf Hitler, and in April 1943 took an active role in the formation of the SS Division "Galicia" and even sent out about this vigil in honor of the creation of the division in which the position of the chaplains were focused Uniate priests.

The only MP from the Party of Regions voted against this resolution, Yuri Boldyrev said the vote was "a justification of fascism," still others of his party colleagues unanimously voted for the celebration of the fascist lackey at the municipal level! But, because the Party of Regions — this is the party that in July 2005 signed an agreement on cooperation and assistance with the ruling in the current time in Russian party "United Russia"! All the representatives of which are stored on this truly dead silence, which can in accordance with the well-known Russian proverb testify only about the full agreement with the PR in question glorification of Nazi toadies in the Ukraine at the municipal level.

Moreover, on October 16 this year in the Crimea the II cross-party forum of the Party of Regions and the party "United Russia", in which the Russian side was represented by the first deputy of the State Duma Committee on CIS and relations with compatriots Dmitry Sablin. When asked about the "feelings of the Forum on" policy, by the way, a native of Donetsk region and, in his words, which supports "permanent contacts with Ukraine," void sumnyashesya, said: "We have a beautiful case. All the same, I can honestly say we have never been so comfortable open a discussion mutual cooperation, as it is now! " That is, Sablin in public and it has supported the fascist Ukraine for its employees on inter-party agreement, and, officially, on behalf of the "United RF"!

And this is no accident, and no slip of the tongue. In May 2009, by decree of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev was created, apparently, with the same "good intentions", as Putin, the Commission under the President of Russian Federation to counter attempts to falsify history to the detriment of Russia. What does she remember? Only statement a member of the Presidential Commission to Combat historical falsifications Nikolai Svanidze, has called on Russia to recognize … "Soviet occupation" of the Baltic States! According to the decree Medvedev as 14 February 2012, the Commission gave the order to live a long time. Should be considered, based on the "history" of its "activity" for the sake of this statement Svanidze it was created.

So, based on the experience of the other "patriotic" projects aimed only at "improving" the style of, you can do quite a definite conclusion and implementation of the outcome of another presidential Project. With all this extra touches remark involved in the project of anonymous "sources," the newspaper "Kommersant" that "work management can bring momentary success and seconds results" of what exactly can be quite imagine that for at least the next 5 -7 years of "assistance" control "the allocation of grants and awards in the municipal limits of its own competence" would be impossible to control in general.

It's great when the current president says words to the effect that "the distortion of the state historical and moral consciousness led to the catastrophe entire state," and even, allegedly, thinks that "cultural identity, spiritual, moral values, and value codes — it's hard sphere competition, sometimes open, the information counter and is just perfectly orchestrated propaganda attack "and patriotic work is likely only when the" public-private partnership. " But it is a pity that his words are looked less than hypocrisy when compared to his own particular cases and their outcome. For a start it would be nice if president Vladimir Putin, at least, responded to the appeal, signed by tyschami people of, about the shameful and illegal sentence patriot RF Lieutenant Sergei Arakcheev.

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