On the Russian style of martial arts

When our army begin to associate with the U.S. and other armies of the world, I time I remember the story that occurred in time my life in a group of Russian troops in Germany about 30 years ago.

In the 70's it was decided to organize the armies of friendly competition. I served in the artillery and then one day I happened to be in the championship, which was held between our brotherly part and German, which had armed with the same guns and tractors.

Apart from running around and fire-arms, in the program included the following exercises: tractor, riding out with the initial and drive 50 meters, should be developed, so that gun looked towards the enemy, the calculation of jumps off the tractor, disengages the tool, uncover, carries the supporting frame, leads to the goal, charges, is fired, which should hit the target. The ratio for all — 45 seconds. The limit for this exercise alone, because doing one by one, who frisky — decided stopwatch. By lot, at first the Germans and later ours. Both units are found to be ill for their own.

The stopwatch clicked. The Germans went. Operate correctly, zalyubueshsya. Tractor SMU jumps to the position. The officer stands on the sidelines with binoculars in nothing interfering. The sergeant gives the command, the soldiers act like machines, beds are separated, covers are removed, the projectile in the barrel. Shot. The target is hit. 41 second. We Germans rejoicing. 4 seconds blocked the norm! the result is good.

Now our. Tractor takes the position, the gun almost tips over at the turn, gets up on one wheel, ponders a moment — to fall to the side or back into position. That was close — fell as it should. Calculation of mass runs to her. Sergeant distributes kicks, the officer grabbed the base frame, dropped his glasses, which was crushed in the confusion, mate peremat, charging almost stumbled in the fall, by some miracle sends a shell into the breech, the shot! The purpose amazed. 17 seconds.

It was then that I realized why the Germans lost the war. They are not able to superhuman in an emergency. And we have a whole life — an extreme situation, and superhuman — a standard of behavior in war. Durnost generals always compensated heroic fighter. Do not provide food — so we are in peace time used to it. Tanks penetrated? And we are under these tanks reconnaissance throw. Some go to the exploration? Scouts under the tanks were killed? Volunteers — two steps forward! Here such it Russian style of martial art.

In any army in the world has so warfare delivered? The Germans — a civilization disciplined, wage war and love can. The Americans-that's where climb? enough to remember the rebellion of U.S. Marines in Somalia. On military operations refused to go, as long as they do not deliver toilets. Requirements quite fair. Field toilets of our type in the tropics — a smooth road to the epidemic. And Americans love to live. But imagine for yourself what Russian marines refused to go on a combat operation, for whatever reason (not to mention such ridiculous) I'm in a nightmare I can not. And hope does not live to see such times, when our soldiers and officers will be similar to the U.S.. Generals talk about special …

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