On the Shroud of Turin found a second person




Giulio Fanti (Giulio Fanti) from the University of Padua (University of Padua) found on the famous Shroud of Turin another person.

Using digital imaging techniques, scientists identified on the reverse side of the cloth is almost the same face as the front side. Almost because some differences still visible and, moreover, the second image is very faint, if I may say so, "scored interference."

In this case, the image of the body, like the face — could not be detected.

As is the case with the long-transparent manner, rear image created by the change of the most superficial fibers of fabric and does not affect its underlying layers.

Perhaps, according to scientists, the new work is a step will bring us closer to understanding how did this image.

Recall the burial shroud of Christ — one of the most mysterious relics of Christianity. Even if we assume that it's fake — still does not stop the controversy surrounding the way the image is printed on the fabric.


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