On the strangeness of Mongol invasion

In December 1237 — January 1238, the troops of Batu vtorlis within the Ryazan principality, after 5-day storm took Ryazan and moved on to the Vladimir-Suzdal Rus. The fragmentation of the Russian land is not permitted to collect a single army and give battle. Any land, the Principality of acting without the help of others, and eventually started so called period of "Mongol yoke" — allegiance from the power of the king of the Golden Horde, the country stretching out on a large area of the Danube as far as Siberia.

But before modern Russian people raise questions and not invented a "Tatar-Mongol invasion," who were "Tatar-Mongols"? Do not fake, "the Mongols of Mongolia" was launched in the life of a spy Pope Plano Carpini and other agents of the Vatican (worst enemy of Russia). For many people in Russia began to realize that the West is a "game" on the destruction of Bright Russia not from the 20th century, and since the appearance of its own, and the Vatican was the first animal's lair. One way is to provide an enemy tn. "Black myth" ("of drunkenness and laziness Russian", "bloody tyrants Ivan the Terrible and Stalin", "heaping up corpses of Germans", "about Russian invaders have captured one-sixth of the land," etc.) that blur the historical memory and immobilize the will of the Russian super-ethnos (the term YD Petukhov).

So many inconsistencies in "Tatar-Mongol invasion"

1) How could a semi-wild shepherds (even militant) to crush such developed powers — China, Khorezm, Tangut kingdom, to go with the fighting mountains of the Caucasus, Volga Bulgars, crush the Russian principalities and almost grab Europe, troops swept the Hungarians, the Poles, the German knights. After all of the stories it is clear that at least some conqueror relies on a strong economy — Napoleon and Hitler were under a most massive European countries (France and Germany) and in fact the entire resources of Europe, the most advanced in terms of technology, part of the world. Today States has the strongest economy of the planet, and the opportunity to buy up the "brains" of resources and cut paper. Of Alexandria the Great, for all of their own talents, could not have done half the accomplishments and, if his father had not made a strong mining, metallurgical industry, has strengthened money, held a series of military reforms.

2) We are talking about the "Tatar-Mongols," but of course biology is clear that genes are dominant Negroid and Mongoloid. And if warriors "Mongols" destroying the enemy troops would pass through Russia and sex Europe (Recall that make the ladies defeated!?), Then today the population of Russia and Eastern and Central Europe would very much like modern Mongols — the low, dark-eyed, stiff black hair, dark, yellow skin, high cheekbones, epicanthus, flat face, slightly developed tertiary hair (beard and mustache do not actually grow or very watery). Described like a modern Russian, Poles, Hungarians, Germans? Well, archaeologists (see for example the data anthropologist S. Alexeev), excavating the site of fierce fighting, are the main backbones of Caucasians. This is confirmed by the written sources — they depict warriors of the Mongols' euro type — blond hair, light eyes (grayish blue), the highest growth. Draws the highest sources of Genghis Khan, with elegant longish beard and "lynx", green-yellow eyes. Persian historian Rashid al the time of the Horde Dean writes that the kids in the family of Genghis Khan "were produced mostly grayish eyes and blond."

3) Accident "Mongols" have left in Russia nor the 1st (!) Tatar word. Familiar of historical novels (eg John B.) the words "The Horde" — a Russian word Rod, Rada (The Golden Horde — The Golden Rod, that is royal, divine origin), "tumen" — the Russian word "darkness" (10000 ), "Khan-Kagan," the Russian word "Koch Cohanim"-favorite, pochetaemy, the word is clear even from the Kievan Russia, so from time to time called the first of Rurik, and of the criminal world of the word preserved — "godfather." Even word "Byty" — "dad", a respectful name of the leader, so in Belarus heretofore referred to as the president.

4) The Mongols in Mongolia, only the Europeans (!) In the 20th century learned that captured half the world and their was a "Shaker Universe" — "Genghis Khan" ("rank is Khan") and so far they have gone in this business name .

5) Alexander Yaroslavovich very much acting in concert with the "Horde-Rod" Batu. Baty has hit Central and Southern Europe, almost repeated hike "scourge of God" Attila. Alexander is smashed on the northern flank of the Westerners — defeated the Swedes and German knightly orders. West received a terrible blow, and temporarily subsided, "licking his wounds", Russ is received time restore unity.

6) There are many other inconsistencies that deplete the overall picture. So in the "Word of the death of the Russian lands" describes some "trouble" had befallen Russia, but there is no mention of "Mongol-Tatars." In general in the Russian annals speak of the "infidels", t. E not Christians. In the story "Zadonschina" (about the Battle of Kulikov) Mother before the fight, surrounded by the boyars and the captains turned to his (!) Horse gods and Perun (Russian pagan gods) and collaborators (My Assistant) and Salavat Muhammad (part of the population, "Horde-Rod" took Islam).

What all this says?!

"Tatar-Mongol invasion," as well as "the Mongol-Tatar yoke" was not! This black legend fabricated Vatican and German scientists (Miller, Bayer, Schletzer), their Russian accomplices (maybe not for evil, without thinking) to the destruction of historical truth and the defeat of genuine Russian History. Undermining Russian roots, destroying the origins of the rulers of the West Russian people are deprived of their source of life-giving forces, transforming into mindless consumers.

What was still in effect, it must understand ourselves, scraping past the rubble of heresy. It is reasonable to imagine that this was an internecine conflict razdoblennoy Russia adopted Christianity (the Kiev-Vladimir Russ) And virtually unexplored world Scythian-Siberian Russia, preserved pagan faith Protz. In this case, North Russia (Novgorod region) ultimately supported the army of Batu, taking part in a war with the West.

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