On the Syrian situation knows Japanese expert

On Wednesday, a result of rocket fire people who gathered in the town of Homs in support of Bashar al-Assad, President of the Syria, 8 people died. Among the dead French journalist.

Associate Professor at Tokyo Institute of foreign languages Hiroyuki Aoyama said about today's Syrian situation.

Participants of anti-government protests argue that the fire Government forces fired. But starting in September 2011 from the Arab Republic began arriving information that gives reason to believe that such attacks were carried out by armed anti-government forces.

For the oppression of anti-government protests in the international community for almost a year decried mode Assad. Why is this the problem up to now has not been solved?

One reason is that the Syrian government enjoys some public support. The fact that the dissatisfaction with the current regime grows, too, can not be questioned. But the level of popular discontent is not headed for that level, so that people intensively tended to the substitution or the overthrow of the regime, as it did in Tunisia or Egypt.

Another reason is the missing intervention of international society. This is due to the geopolitical situation Syria. In Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq political situation unstable. Syria — the only country in the region, which remains a political stability and sustainable public policy. If the Syria Plainclothes war breaks out or there is a change mode, the entire eastern Arab region in chaos.

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