One-eyed prophet of Scotland

In Scotland, one of the most revered prophets was Coyne Odhar. This man came to Scotland in the middle of the XVII century, the island of Lewis and took a peat development to Lord Seaforth. Coyne was blind in one eye. He always carried a small stone with a hole in the middle. Through this opening, applying it to the sightless eyes, Coyne has seen the future.

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One day, Lord Seaforth went to Paris to share and did not return at the appointed time. His wife, Lady Seaforth, worried the lack of a spouse and sent for Koynnihom.

He looked out at a hole Ouija pebble blind eye, laughed and said that Lord Seaforth alive and healthy, cheerful and happy. Guessing occurred in the presence of servants. Lady Seaforth required to tell in detail than is currently busy with her husband. Coyne reluctant told that Lord, dressed in velvet and gold, kneeling in front of a beautiful lady, kissing her hand and hugging her waist.

With jealousy and anger at her husband lady Seaforth pounced on the seer with the accusation that he was defamed in the presence of the Lord's servants, and ordered the immediate execution of Koynniha the eyes of servants. Coyne was expecting a lady to temper justice with mercy. But when he realized that she did not back down from its decision, unseeing eyes stared into the hole on the stone and predicted that kind of Seaforth will soon disappear, the last descendent of the landowner will be four. Calling them names, he said, about the physical and mental disadvantages of each.

Coyne was put to a terrible punishment: it by holding the legs, dipped in a barrel of boiling tar, in the bottom of which were stuck sharp needles. Koynniha prophecy was fulfilled completely. In 1969, in the town of Chanonri Point, where he was executed by a visionary in his honor placed a memorial stone.

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