Or aggravation of the crisis russophobia?

Or aggravation of the crisis russophobia?The saying that it is better, where we do not, which is used so extensively in Russia, in almost all other countries, which typically is not used at all, and even more or less similar to peers often find it is not easy. What has been a skeptical attitude to discover the part of the Russians, and the reason some ostentatious pride zabugornyh a number of people — a fascinating psychosocial question whose answer lies deep in history.

The truth is that in the world there are far few nations that are willing to treat themselves with a certain modicum of self-irony and skepticism. Russia — one of those nations. We are ready to read most severely on their own chosen in this world, saying that the Russian Federation has its own way of development, but at the same time, most inclined to expose their own words the most severe criticism. Say, we are, of course, almost all we can, but to wait for the coming of light to our generation does not work, but our descendants will experience our full zeal. We are in fact killing people, which ready to look for the positive, even where to look for it very hard, and at the same time, we can bring down the whole own negative where it is not always appropriate.

Often, this is the feature of our national character leads to a distrust of Russian. Say, from these Russian can expect anything. We are aware of the fact that, really, from us you can expect anything, to some extent try to resist this state of things, and some do better than his own style, but for historical reasons, we do not come out, and this is yet another wave of negativity. Then, on the first plan is a traditional mental protection, which is called the alignment of specific wall between themselves and the opponent. The opponent in the form of our "building" action starts even less trust us, we in turn perceive this as yet another provocation on his part and strengthen the wall of another nearby bricks.

Further the situation dokatyvajutsja to what is usually called Russo-phobia in the most negative of its manifestations. Russophobia — this whole phenomenon that often appears where we least expect it. Russophobia Now in almost all countries in the municipal reincarnated almost an ideology, which is the typical mechanism for future development. The truth is often the case that the development of this name is very difficult. At least, based on the development of Russo-phobia no one openly says, because russophobia not declared, but coupled with the fact intensively used for the implementation of the goals and objectives that put in front of him a certain strength.

The most negative is that the inside of the Russian Federation and the lack of such a force, that all the efforts of trying to reincarnate adopted, even very folkloric image of Russia in the provocation against the people of other countries. These forces are, of course, will never be publicly read on its own artificial cultivation russophobia both abroad and inside of, because it will be for them a real shot for themselves in the temple. And who is willing to take responsibility for being prepared to receive a confusing political dividends on the basis of sufficient Zapyataev technologies.

There are even entire municipal society which is not able to turn away from the plate on which is written in a large font word "Russo-phobia." One of those communities without a doubt are the Baltic countries. There were formed almost greenhouse conditions, in order to create a stream of bad the address of. Not a lot of what is fueling the internal hype, it's also certain forces can achieve their own political goals. Words that in all Baltic failures blame only our homeland, in the past 2 decades, uh do not descend from the mouth of the Baltic politicians.

Russophobia then acquired a truly depraved forms, when most of the rules of democracy turn into yet another vehicle in order to show that, say, we are absolutely and completely severed in Russia and are ready to feel "warm" the breath of the West. In the Baltic states, which year can not turn away from empowering people in a humiliating status as a non-citizen, and for all that are trying to show their democratic achievements. It recalls the tale of "good" master, who wished serfs own neighbor, but with all this with their own enviable vsepostoyanstvom put under the whip. And here: Baits are so intensely trying to protect the rights of Syrians and the Libyans, but that's about the hundreds of thousands of people who are themselves deprived of all rights in their own countries, have already read which year shall be removed. And so called "united Europe" in their own attempts to younger members looking through his fingers. And if you call a spade a spade — that just tacitly supports the same Latvian and Estonian authorities, because they have carte blanche just because sustain its russophobia.

Apparently decided to keep up their own immediate northern neighbors, and Lithuania. Not so long ago in Lithuania one of the activities of the group, it was decided again to prove that their country then all went away on its own nedavneshnego past to earn the praise of their own latest Western sponsors. The fact is that in the Lithuanian capital have decided to take the initiative to return the former Lithuanian name — Lofty Duchy of Lithuania and to recall the "glorious victories over Russian Lithuanians." Deal with the renaming of the Principality of Lithuania in the stateliness now, of course, for the Lithuanians even more important, if the fact that for the last 20 years the population has decreased by almost 12%, is more important that the scope of the Lithuanian emigration to Western countries remain one of the largest in Eastern Europe.

Certainly, raise questions of demographic disposition can not allow ourselves to every politician, one way or the other close to the government, but to start a conversation about the fact that Lithuania is glorious years of successfully walked to Russia — this is an issue far more likeable. It's hard to force yourself to address issues of economic character, because of which after 20 years of the country's population could fall by another 15%. But that easy to declare that here, they say, call themselves the Principality of stateliness, and the problem will go away by themselves — from RF Moving away even more, but for us to give the European Union a new loan for survival.

But that's already far not every euroallied favorite with a huge animation of taking russophobia and frank politicking as the present eagerness to approach very tightly to democratic norms Old World. Though the money and then play an important role. Unlikely to allow themselves the Germans or the French at their own expense include those himself work is not lust, and trying to go through the same broken record, about which it was carried out above.

The search for new forms of Russo-phobia often results in a typical clinical cases that are clearly in need of treatment. With all this healing for those countries must come from within. Hunt to believe that the ways of old times, when all the deadly sins (from economic problems to the demographic s) declared guilty of Russian heritage of the past, all the same forever is not enough. After all, in the end, in any society in which there is any grain of adequacy must prevail idea that those responsible for all troubles are far away on the wrong side of the border, and sits in the offices of the mandatory capital

Because with all the seeming shameless russophobia in a number of states it clearly is experiencing a crisis of its own. The words that we are poor because we are 70 years held "on the chain" Russia's already pretty obvious not to get money and political prizes. That's why some seek out ways out of the crisis in the new monetary instruments, while others practiced in who bite sleeker and Russia will put its own bite on public display.

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