Partial fasting

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In addition to total fasting, when, apart from water, the body does not receive anything, there is an incomplete medical starvation with the transition to a liquid diet and a reduced-calorie daily diet (juices, tea, serum, milk, etc.).

The program of juice fasting

For 2-3 days before the start of the juice fasting diet to only raw vegetables and fruits. On the eve of fasting during the day to drink castor oil, and in the evening to do an enema. The next day (And each following) should be the program:

  • before breakfast — a cup of warm tea from a variety of herbs (rose hips, peppermint, chamomile);
  • 10.00 — a glass of freshly made fruit juice — from oranges, apples, grapes, pears, etc., juices half diluted with water, but be careful not to drink bottled drinks, canned;
  • 13.00 — glass of freshly prepared juice from carrots, celery, tomatoes and other vegetables or a mixture of several vegetable juices;
  • 16.00 — cup of herbal tea;
  • 19.00 — cup of fresh, freshly prepared vegetable or fruit juice, diluted in half with water:
  • before going to bed — enema with chamomile flowers.

Allowed thirst to drink water. Total juice per day 075-1 liter. Juice can be mixed only with clean water.

As with the full starvation is very important output of juice fasting. Output duration in days must always be equal to the number of days of the fasting. To exit from the juice fasting is necessary to follow the same diet as in the output of total fasting — vegetable broths, lacto-vegetarian Food in small amounts, except meat products, eggs, grain legumes.

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