People have learned to think symbolically earlier than expected by scientists




Beads Stone Age have been found by archaeologists, may be the most important evidence that complex symbolic thought in humans arose much earlier than scientists used to think. Beads from ostrich eggs and a variety of other artifacts, including pencils of ocher were found in the river valley Loyangalani in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

Archaeologists from the University of Dar-es-Salaam, who found these things, yet to their exact date, but they believe that they were made in the African Middle Stone Age — 280-45 thousand ago. This is because they have been found in the sediment along with many items specific to Middle Stone Age.

Scientists believe that carefully crafted ostrich beads, which could not be used as tools to provide the clearest evidence that people have learned to think symbolically earlier than 35,000 years ago. Only after this work of art and complex objects began to appear all over the place, however, outside of Africa.

Supposedly, beads were prepared by chopping the ostrich eggs, prosverlivaya holes in the pieces, and then smoothed the edges. Ethnographic records indicate that similar jewelry are often used in groups of modern hunter-gatherers to trafficking and other forms of social interaction. However, not all scientists agree that this finding proves that the presence of the oldest members of the species Homo sapiens mental abilities and social structures similar to ours. It is reported

Battery News, 05/04/2004 17:47

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