People-puzzle: wacky records


Some people have a talent for music, the other — to the literature, and others — to painting … And if the traditional talents fate cheated? Then there is one — to surprise the world by putting some record! Let even the most inane … For example, a graduate of the Royal School of dollars Deymrou Scott got into the Guinness Book of Records by breaking the forehead 142 eggs.

Back in 2011, Scott and his friends tried to make their names in the proverbial Book of Records. First they took part in the women's 200 meters and blindly in the contest by riding in a wheelbarrow, but never won. Finally, Deymrou decided to try his hand in the competition for breaking the head of eggs. The first attempt failed — he pitched 130 eggs in 70 seconds and won a record.

After that, a teenager started to train hard, smashing eggs on a table in a restaurant owned by his mother. Besides, school football Scott engaged. Anyway, in the middle of March this year Deymrou repeatedly took part in the contest, and this time won! "My head is just dumb — he told me afterwards. — I did not realize that the shell cut himself badly, because I felt an incredible rush of adrenaline."

Quite common eating contest various products. So, in 2008, the 23-year-old Californian Joey Chestnut won the IV World Championship … by eating hamburgers. In eight minutes, he ate as many as 103 pieces of "kings of fast food!" Joe managed to break the record of Japanese Takeru Kobayashi, in 2007 for the control the violence with only 97 sandwiches. A 62-year-old Indian Kailash Dzhagodiya, wanting to get into the Guinness Book of Records for 4:00 uplel … 500 chilis! Those who tried the spicy peppers can imagine what it is …

In 2009, Elaine Davidson, a native of Brazil, a nurse by profession, the second time was the world champion in piercing. The first time she got into the Guinness Book of Records in 2000. Then she had 462 holes, of which 192 only on the face. Now her body more than 6,000 punctures, which are inserted various metal beads and pendants. Of these, over 1500 the so-called "inner" holes.

Putting some records, people literally risking their lives. In 2006, the 33-year-old Malaysian Shahimi Abdul Hamid set the world record for the number of kisses with … poisonous snake! Within 3 minutes 1 second, it is in front of several hundred visitors to the casino in a suburb of Kuala Lumpur 51 times kissed the king cobra! Shahimi before former farmer and now earns his living by tricks, managed to break the record of American Gordon Cates, delivered in September 1999. He kissed a snake only 11 times.

Unlike Cates, armed with an iron bar, a brave Abdul Hamid appeared in the ring without belay items, making passes in front of the swaying reptile, body length of which was 4.6 meters and weight — 10 pounds.

Some of the records and all seem to be indecent. For example, in 2009, 7-year-old Joshua Booth of the U.S. state of Utah was the winner of the annual children's contest for the most foul-smelling sneakers. The competition is traditionally held in the town of Montpelier (Vermont). It is organized by a company producing deodorant for shoes. The contest was attended by children and adolescents from 7 to 15 years. They provided the jury a pair of his shoes that were worn for a long time without putting the wash.

Force smell coming from the shoe was evaluated professor at the local university and chemist expert from NASA. But what's the smell of sneakers! In 2007, a resident of Jakarta Judge Stone won the competition of athletes, dragged behind a passenger bus weighing 8.9 tonnes over a distance of 50 meters. Perhaps in this record and there would be nothing special, if man is not tied the rope to his genitals …! In the two years before a similar record set Chinese Tu Jin-Sheng. However, it was possible by means of manhood move the truck, much smaller in size than the bus.

By the way, Jin-Sheng — master special techniques "are given a gun," meaning (the "iron crotch"). People who own this technique, capable of lifting with their genitals weight in the tens or even hundreds of pounds. This is believed to increase sexual energy and improves potency. In essence, a victory in this kind of competition in the long run does not make any sense, and sometimes even similar activities are injurious to health. But every year more and more put the most ridiculous records.

Margarita Trinity

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