Piranha caught in the River Don. Video. Photo


Piranha caught in the River Don, Volgograd oblasti.Rybaki from Lugansk caught it on the cake.

Uploaded stremiloff, date: 15.08.2011

The same piranha that in the first video is only still alive.

Uploaded stremiloff, date: 16.08.2011  

The information was found on the forum forum.motolodka.ru. Thread is open party under the name Somm they also posted pictures.


Message from the board on 18/08/11.

In the area of the Don g.Kalach friends caught a piranha. Pecked on carp tackle with cake. At autopsy to examine the contents of the stomach:
piece Extruded cereals, grains like wheat and a fairly large fish bone that looked like the edge of the carp. In the version of the aquarium little hard to believe. Too often began to fall, what kind should be the density in such a long stretch and a big pond.

Photo from: motolodka.ru

Photo from: motolodka.ru

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